Fan Fic / Airduct Anecdotes Anthology

Airduct Anecdotes Anthology, located here, is a series of Dead Rising one-shot fics and sketches, varying in genre (generally comedic, though there are plenty of sketches that take a darker turn) and protagonist - there are chapters about Frank West, yes, but even more delve into the activities of the Psychopaths and the Survivors during and even before the game.

A must-read for any Dead Rising fan starving for decent fanworks. The frequency of its updates can't be given (since the Dead Rising fandom isn't exactly a bustling one, we may not be getting any more), but it's very well-written and an interesting expansion on the game's intriguing cast who arguably upstaged the zombies even without the background, with most every chapter proving to be epic, hilarious, or both.

This Fan Fic contains examples of: