Establishing Character Moment / Web Original

  • The very first line of the first ever installment of The Angry Video Game Nerd, opening the "review" of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest:
    "This game sucks."
  • Sarah's Stick 'em Up prank in the lonelygirl15 episode "Crazy Emo Chick".
  • Simon Wood's first scene on the island in Survival of the Fittest sets up his central theme: coming close to succeeding then falling at the final hurdle.
  • Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has one of these every single time he's on camera! Almost as if Joss Whedon wanted to really hammer home the point about what a creep he is...
  • Thavian in Ash & Cinders. It's like the fantasy equivalent of Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka. He noticeably limps across a frozen river, and once he's got everyone's attention, he throws his wolfskin cloak and staff aside, and the first thing he does is "a wordless, gleeful cry" before conjuring up a whiskey bottle.
    • The Rock Lord, in its first appearance, is given a descriptions similar to the Great Goblin in the Hobbit. Its first act in the story is to grab a Stonewight by the throat and hammer him alive into a brutish sword. Turns out, that's where all its Evil Minions get their weapons.
  • Most of the main characters in the Whateley Universe get them:
    • Chaka starts off as a young black teenage boy sharing a room with his unpleasant Gangsta Wannabe older brother, except he's not only becoming a mutant and having to go to a Superhero School but turning into a girl as well, because this setting is basically X-Men with the gay rights allegory promoted from subtext to an actual plot point... And she is absolutely goddamn stoked about it. She also loudly and angrily calls her brother out on his bullshit.
    • The headmistress, Dr. Elizabeth Carson, gives the welcome speech and immediately comes across as someone you'd better not cross. Then later on, at Halloween, we meet her other identity, Lady Astarte, and we find out she's really someone you shouldn't tick off.
    • Trevor James Goodkind is a Sheltered Aristocrat, heir to billions in a wealthy anti-mutant business family and being groomed to be one of the Goodkinds who takes over the reins of power. We first see him and his family at dinner, being waited on, having a staff of chefs, and Trevor is plotting about how, when he grows up, he's going to get his favorite chef to come with him when he moves out. The next morning, he manifests as a mutant and things rapidly go downhill from there, with a series of Break the Haughty scenes.
  • The first episode of The Guild is just a long string of these for each of the characters, first establishing Codex with her weblog:
    Codex: So, it's uh Friday night, and...still jobless, yay. I haven't left the house in a week. My therapist, uh, broke up with me. Oh yeah, there's a, there's a Gnome Warlock in my living room, sleeping on my couch.
  • Zack from Echo Chamber gets his before the opening credits roll on Episode 1:
    Tom: Thank you, Zack, for ruining the 20th take.
    Zack: You're welcome, man.
    Tom: You're not sorry, are you?
    Zack: Nope.
  • Even though she's much more developed now, The Nostalgia Chick's massive ego was seeded with her very first line:
    Hi, I'm your Nostalgia Chick, and I, like most of the world, am an American."
  • Likewise, The Nostalgia Critic's Sad Clown-ness started with him being Driven to Suicide at a dumb song in Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.
  • In the very first game the Mario Party TV group played, Mr. Doom won the board and Holms, in his anger, Rage Quit the game (by shutting the entire game off). Sets the tone, don't it?
  • In Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed to Do in an RPG, the very first entry gives the reader a very good idea of the kind of person Mr. Welch is:
    1. Cannot base characters off The Who's drummer Keith Moon.
  • In Dream High School, most of the characters have one very soon after they're introduced.
    • Corliss' second line:
      She gasps excitedly. "You're from Central High, right?!"
    • Gavin:
      One of them tenses, his shoulders shooting up. He turns around slowly, his face downturned but eyes glaring up at Corliss'.
    • Nara, when she gets Corliss off your back:
      "Hey, no problem, that's what best friends are for! I can tell you're stressed out."
    • When Micah explodes on Page 14:
      "Look, you don't even have any friends besides Nara, and all you do is hole up with her in this house! You need to get out there and make more friends, and here's the perfect, lowest-risk opportunity to do it! You're a loner, a loner! And you've been this way ever since Mom died, and I'm-" he uses a passion word I never thought he'd use- "sick of it!"
    • Principal Wyatt, when she talks to you about the dream scenery on page 24.
    • When Iris leads the group of actors your way on Page 27.
      "Iuh- saw you swoop in yesterday night. THAT was funny! Uh, anyway, you'll probably be joining US! WE'RE THE DWARRVES!"
    • Roy's introduction:
    • Aidan tries to bug you as soon as you meet.
      Aidan gets in my face with a giant smirk: "Jiiiiiiiii-dooooooooww? Or do you prefer to go by 'Grok'?"
  • From Dino Attack RPG:
    • When he first appeared, Montoya initially came off more or less seemed just another petty crook looking for money, acting casual and occasionally joking with his partners. However, the brief glimpse into his personal life and his subsequent calling out of his own partner for refusing to tip a waitress quickly showed how likeable a guy he really was and turned him into an Ensemble Darkhorse.
    • Rotor probably got his establishment as a rough and cold-minded but extremely competent leader when he lead the initially assaults on the XERRD Fortress, considering he got to show off his talents rather nicely.
    • Cabin's introductory scene more or less established her as a realist, though she had a few later moments that showed off another side.
    • Pharisee arguably got his when we first met him, coldly looking over the case files of several controversial individuals and judging them each harshly. It certainly sets up several things, among them his brutal beat down of Montoya.
    • Unintentionally subverted with Trigger, whose introductory scenes attempted to establish him as a badass and an expert in the Maelstrom, but only caused people to see him as a complete Jerkass and an idiot.
    • Sarah Bishop's rather violent No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Rotor, not to mention bludgeoning Cabin in the face when she tried to break it up should give you a pretty good idea of her mental state by this point.
    • A simple example, but Pierce was first introduced as a doctor helping Zenna after she sustained serious injuries. That should give you a pretty good idea of his role in all this.
  • Everything we need to know about Old Man Henderson can be seen in his very first scene: After a conversation with his parrot, he barges into a Cultist meeting, screaming "MUCKLE DAMRED CULTI 'AIR EH NAMBLIES BE KEEPIN' ME WEE MEN!?!?", chews up the DM's latest lazy attempt at killing him with a shotgun, aces his sanity rolls through pure crazy, slaughters everyone else including his friend's Player Character, and burns down the entire church because he thought they stole his lawn gnomes and wanted them back. As the second narrator (the aforementioned friend) said, he knew the game would never be the same after that.
  • The Red Guy's first line in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series is "That sounds really boring," after Sketchbook says that they use their hair to express themselves. This sets up his general lack of enthusiasm and inflection throughout the next six episodes.
  • In Wolf 359, Isabel Lovelace arrives on-board the Hephaestus in a radioactive, homemade spaceship, carrying an empty gun containing a hidden audio recorder, with a bomb wired to her pulse, set to explode should her heartbeat go too fast or stop.
  • Camp Camp:
    • David with his first dialogue exposes how cheerful and optimistic he is no matter how mundane the situation is. In fact, once an episode there is a moment dedicated to reminding the audience how overly cheerful and optimistic David is.
      David: Can you believe it Max? We're getting not ONE, not THREE, but TWO new campers today!
    • David and Gwen are both summed up pretty much perfectly with their first dialogue together.
      David: Good morning, Gwen!
    • Five seconds into Nikki and Neil's arrival at camp, Nikki bites David's hand to 'assert dominance' and Neil timidly asks if they're at science camp.
    • When the camp counselors are talking about the variety of their curriculum, each of the other campers are shown, and it explains exactly what they're all there for and what their shtick is. Furthermore, in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, the camper struck by Nerris' "lightning bolt" is Harrison, establishing their rivalry.