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Creator: Polaris
aka: The Game Station
Polaris is one of the newer gaming networks on YouTube created during a wave of emerging gaming channels. Created in 2007 as TheGameStation, its official website is its YouTube page. The company revolves around sponsoring gamers and giving them partnerships on YouTube, although changes to how this functions are leading to increased tension between the gamers and YouTube. The YouTube channel itself mostly covers real life affectionate parodies and skits related to gaming, which are produced and cast by its members whom work for Polaris offices in Los Angeles.

Some of Polaris' more successful videos include their spin-off Lore In A Minute series, after a premier Diablo lore short, and a popular Web Original series, "The Street Fighter". They have recently embarked on a new adventure called "Broken Quest," an animated spoof of MMORPGs, Tabletop Games and fantasy gaming in general.

Following JonTron's leaving from Game Grumps on June 25, 2013, sequential episodes of Remag Daily had a number of the hosts "leaving" the show. It was finally announced on July 4-5, 2013 that TheGameStation was rebranded to Polaris in order to include more non-gaming related channels and original programming.

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Polaris/TheGameStation itself provides examples of:

TheGameStation Podcast/Co-Optional Podcast provides examples of:

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: A male version in the 6th podcast, which has Jesse, TB, and Simon respectively, Badass Beards and all.
  • Canon Discontinuity: The guest of podcast #59 was kicked off the show after the first hour. He was never mentioned again, that hour was deleted from the VoD, and the entire episode is left off of the playlist on TB's channel. However, the incident has been joked about on the podcast a number of times since.
  • Catch Phrase: "Welcome to the Game Station Podcast, we occasionally talk about video games."
  • Colbert Bump: Now a natural occurrence on the TGS podcast. Almost every website or official website for a video game that is praised or even name dropped by the crew is crashed within the next 5 minutes.
  • Corpsing: Podcast #10 provides a stupendous example of it. In the middle of discussion a woman enters Jesse's room and starts cleaning the shelf behind him. Jesse promptly loses it (albeit silently) and points her out causing TB and Dodger to start dying with the latter leaning out of frame to compose herself while JonTron sits there oblivious to it for a good fifteen seconds. He finally notices and starts laughing just after Dodger gets a hold of herself and leans back into frame causing her to start again. Finally after the woman leaves only to come back moments later causing Jesse to turn his webcam off and the others start laughing all over again. It's a full minute and a half of continued laughter from all four of them and a shining example of how contagious TB, Jesse, and Dodger's laughter can be.
  • Freudian Trio: The three regular hosts. [[Jesse Jesse Cox]] is the Id, Dodger is the Ego, and TotalBiscuit is the Superego.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Very often the podcast derails into some other topic, usually non-gaming related. Despite the continual exasperation of whoever's trying to maintain order (usuallyTotalBiscuit), these tangents have produced several of the show's most memorable moments.
  • Squee: Nearly an hour of the 23rd podcast was dedicated to general squeeing and glee over PAX. (And it is appropriately named the "PAX" edition.)

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