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Creator: Kazuhiko Inoue
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Ah? Who's there?

???: Let me tell you about a story of a man born in Japan in Yokohama, on March 26, 1954. He is a seiyuu well known for his roles as calm, easygoing characters and his characters' combat style can be described as a Fragile Speedster, but at times his voice's Hot-Blooded-ness that can be dialled Up to Eleven, making him quite an epic seiyuu. Mostly known for his role as Kakashi Hatake. He also sings and for his hobby, it's surfing. Recently, he also made himself known in the public again when he won an award in the modern day. If you want to know his roles, then look below:

Roles by this person:

Why, that's jolly good, thanks for informing Mr... what's your name again?

Huh, he's gone...

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alternative title(s): Kazuhiko Inoue
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