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David Matranga is an American voice actor who works with Sentai Filmworks and recently has started to do some roles with FUNimation. He is probably most famous for voicing Tomoya Okazaki in CLANNAD and Orphen in Sorcerer Stabber Orphen. Not to be confused for Dave Matranga note  and David N. Matranga note . He is not related to musician Jonah Matranga.

He's actually been a voice actor for many years, having worked on anime with the now defunct ADV Films since as early as 2000, but was under the radar of most fans due to a lack of well-known roles and almost no convention appearances. Since the rise of Sentai Filmworks though, he's slowly become more visible and prolific in the industry.

Somewhat of a successor to Chris Patton since David is often cast as the same type of characters that Chris also frequently lands roles for; basically young snarky men and teenagers with a troubled past.

Often cast alongside with Luci Christian, Hilary Haag, and more recently, Monica Rial.

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Canadian counterparts? Brad Swaile, Mark Hildreth, Andrew Francis, Trevor Devall and Kirby Morrow. Californian counterparts? Keith Silverstein, Grant George, Dave Wittenberg, Orion Acaba, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Matthew Mercer (which coincidentally enough, both Matthew Mercer and David Matranga worked in Attack on Titan and Brothers Conflict). Japanese counterparts? Yuuichi Nakamura and Daisuke Ono.

Notable voice roles from David Matranga:

Tropes about his roles and David himself:

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