Characters: Total Drama Dictionary

Total Drama Dictionary has its share of colorful contestants. From Alec to Zero, they're either in to win, or to just have a good time...

     The Contestants 

Alec Nye, The Mad Scientist

Alec is crazy for science... no. Not science, but SCIENCE. He often does experiments on stuff, and has a number of potions. All in all, he's pretty wild, and almost nothing can keep him down... Except his peers.

He doesn't mention it, but at school, he is brutally bullied, all because of him having two mommies. He doesn't mind the fact, cause he believes love comes in all shapes and forms and he loves his mommies, but he does wish for some fellow friends to share his love of SCIENCE.

Alec signs up for Dictionary to show his skills at SCIENCE, and the like. Perhaps his potions may come in handy?

Bob Nookway, the Youngster

Bob is your usual kid at the age of 11. He laughs, he learns, and he looks after his friends, if any. All in all, he's an awesome kid, but his past 10 years, however...

His home life isn't one to laugh at. It got so bad that he fainted from hunger on the gym floor. And in the nurse's office, he let it all out. It was deemed that he would be put in an Orphanage that also accepted kids with abusive parents. And he came in at the right moment, too. Easily befriending Tina, and also making a good friend that saved him from being jumped by a pair of bullies, he just shows kindness.

He signed up for Dictionary to see how far he can go, despite him being a kid. He hopes to make some good friends on his time, and he does state there's a 1% chance he'll find a girl his age... Could he?

Candace Inkwell, the Cartoon Fanatic

Candace is a big fan of cartoons. She's been interested in them since at a young age. She even has some entire seasons of certain cartoons on DVD. She believes you can never grow too old for cartoons.

Candace also lives in a new age family, where they taught her yoga, meditation, and the like. It's a tradition for females in their family that once they reach 16 years of age, they "receive their crystal"... And for the 15 year old Candace, that day isn't too far off. (She was born in late September.) But Candace wants to prove herself before the big change to her life, and to her appearance.

Candace signed up for Total Drama, since it's pretty much her favorite show, next to Gravity Falls, 6teen, Phineas and Ferb (She watches them only for Dr. Doof, who she has a poster of in her room...), name any toon, she's most likely watched it. She hopes she is "animated enough" to win.

''Danny Rayeman, the Rude Bully

Danny is a bully, and a rude one at that.

''Ethan Reelbront, the Daydreamer

Ethan is usually lost in his own little world. Every so often, he drifts into daydreams, and the like. Be it being a slave in Egypt, to being charged for a crime in a courtroom, he sometimes goes out of it. He even writes down the best ones. His writing is rather well for a teenager.

Ethan never had many friends, if any. He did have one that was a total geek like him... At five years old. However, since his parents were always out and about, they thought his life would be more perfect if they had his grandparents take care of him. A few years later, after said grandparent's tragic death, he was moved back into his town, but... He found out his friend moved out a year ago. And being he didn't have many friends to begin with...

Ethan watched Total Drama, and saw the many friendships that developed on the show, so he decided to sign up for Dictionary, in the hopes of finding friends like him. He doesn't plan on finding love, due to a promise he made with his childhood friend that if they ever met up, he would ask her out. But unknown to him, it really is a small world.

''Francis Jackson, the Mechanic

Francis likes fixing stuff. He wishes to inherit his family's garage someday.

''Gina Aperture, the Wrench Wench

Most girls her age usually own a car. Gina, however, is NOT like those girls. She has a giant robot, almost like a Gundam. Yep, she goes into space often to take down evil aliens from taking over the world. (Or course!)

Besides robots, she also invents other various stuff, be it a Nacho Kappa Cheese Heater/Melter, a portable air conditioner, an animal translator that can translate almost all languages... Except for the mating calls of sea slugs. She just can't get it to say hello in sea slug language...

Gina hopes to go far in Dictionary, and show off her inventing skills.

''Hannah Whypie, the Young Gothic Cute Bruiser

Hannah is a goth. Heck, her mom and dad's gothic as well. She wears her dark colored clothing, spiked wristbands, and pink-dyed fringe with pride, even if she is seen as a freak due to her lifestyle. (She does have one friend, however.) However, there is a certain secret about her that set her off from her other peers...

Hannah is rather strong... They say she's strong enough to lift up a house if need be. She uses her strength to help out her parents if they need it. But while some would see her as a bully, she is FAR from being one. She's one of the kindest gals around, being able to befriend anyone with ease. While some joke that she's gonna get a load of piercings like her parents one day, she states her skin is kinda sensitive to infection. That, and she is kinda afraid of needles, anyway.

She saw that Dictionary was accepting people under the age of 20, so she decided to audition and she got accepted. After Gwen, they needed a fresh goth to use. So she is headed to the Island in the hopes that she can go far, and make long lasting friends, despite her tender age of 11.

''Isaac Hakkit, the Hikikomori

Growing up, he's adored sewing. While many people in Elementary school wanted the newest violent video game, or hottest new toy, Isaac only wanted one thing: A sewing kit. He's a real talented sower, and it shows. However, after Elementary school, things went all sour for him.

When he entered Middle, he kinda forgot the memo to keep girly activities at home. He got found out, and got teased for it. And being he didn't have much confidence to stand up to them, he got helplessly teased. He did make two friends, however. While one of them still teased him slightly, he developed a crush on the other. But sadly, she came down with a sickness, and after a freak prom prank gone wrong, he shut himself away from the world, and preferred to be home schooled. He only went outside his house for food and groceries.

His parents signed him up for Dictionary, much to his chargin, but after some bribing him of some cloth, he agreed on the offer. After all, it may be a chance for him to find friends... If his secret doesn't get exposed, first.

''Jeanette Foster, the Former Nerd

Jeanette was a nerd growing up, but after some soul-searching, she ditched her geeky background.

''Kagura Yukari, the Japanese Gal

Kagura is a energetic girl from Japan. She does all the stuff you expect her to do; she hangs with her friends at the arcade and manga shops, she watches various animes, has tea at the kotasu... And she usually sings.

Her songs usually vary from songs about food, to stuff about a taco finding love with a blender. (You think that's weird, just remember... It's Japan. No offense to them, or course.) She also takes care of her various siblings, since her parents are always out and about. She also has a secret collection of plushies, all of them cute, or course.

She learned that "Osaka's Got Talent" is hosting auditions for teenagers like her, so she sent in an audition tape in the hopes of getting picked. However, after a mishap at the Post Office, her audition tape ended up in the Producer of Total Drama's hands. They liked it, so Kagura is headed for an adventure she didn't have quite in mind...

''Luka Mopphaier, the Rebellious Teenager

Growing up, Luka has always adored animals. Be it cats, dogs, you name it! However, Luka had one thing in front of her almost 24/7... Her rich, snobbish, parents. They usually go to Africa almost for a week or two to poach rare and endangered animals. Luka also had to deal with the pressures of Private School... Until the High School years.

From there, she met a group of punkish girls named the "Peaceful Paws". And despite their appearance, they're more gentle and kind-hearted than anything. And after Luka met them, they invited her to join them. So Luka ditched the high-class clothing for more of a punk-like look, much of the chargin of her parents.

The four teens did various stuff involving animals, and they also hung out together. When they found out about Dictionary, they agreed on having Luka join, since it'll keep her away from her parents for a while. Cause there's no chance THEY'LL arrive on the island... Right?

''Maxwell Spitz, the Otaku

Maxwell is an otaku. He watches anime on a regular basis, reads manga, and is part of the Anime Club. He has over 100 manga and anime, and has several figurines of various anime figures. All in all, he's a complete geek. But his life didn't start out like that...

He grew up in a poor family. So poor, that when he was around 5 or 6, he was given up to his older cousin, who would be glad to take care of him. It was there, that he developed a taste for anime. He doesn't have that many friends, besides the people in the Anime Club, including the young prodigy Midori, who developed a shine to him. Maxwell wishes that he could find that perfect gal someday...

Maxwell signs up for Dictionary to show off his anime skills, and hopes to find love, and hopes to last longer than 12 episodes, the average run time of an anime. Maybe those wishes could come true?

''Nuva Muppet, the puppeteer

Nuva is a puppeteer, using Nerdi that was handed down by her late grandmother

''Omelette Shine Brite, the Photophobic Girl

Onnika, also known as Omelette, is a bright and cheerful girl. Bright, being the word, since after some horrific bulling being done to her, she has a bit of a sensitivity to bright lights, and has to wear sunglasses now. But despite all that, you can't keep her down!

Omelette is well known for giving scores to fellow students she likes. Be it boy or girl, she scores them. However, said scores seems to nearly be about their... bum. She also blushes when around certain males and females. She won't explain why, but she just develops crushes towards any gender.

Being a big fan of Total Drama, she jumped at the chance to sign up for Dictionary, hoping to represent her fellow Photophobics, and to find love. Be it male, or female, she doesn't mind. Even if it is a cute clown, or a bug hunter...

''Peter Cerebous, the Graphics Fan

Peter is a fan of FP Ses. Be it Call of Duty, and the like, he plays them morning, day, and night, and insults the players playing them. His crowning achievement, as he calls it, is making a six year old cry into the mike.

Peter hates other consoles and games with a burning passion, especially Nintendo and anything to do with Nintendo, and he’ll make sure that you know. He once ruined a Pokemon midnight release by releasing a parasitic bug into the store. Said bug got into the wiring, and started a fire that, while they managed to get it out, destroyed the Pokemon games in the process, causing a 5 week delay for that game in said town.

Peter heads to the Island to show the world just who is a “true gamer”, and what “true games” are. But a certain cotton-candy scented girl may make those plans difficult…

''Quentin Schmidt, the Surfing Nerd

Quentin rides the waves by day, and surfs the web by night.

''Ross Belmont, the Alien Fanatic/Part Time Vampire Hunter

Ross is a fan of aliens, almost as much as his cousin, Megan. He carries around an alien tracker to see who may or may not be out of this world. He dons his colander hat to make sure any evil aliens don’t take over his brain. He’s also a fan of the paranormal. And he’s an expert at the whip, so much so that it would make a certain archeologist and a vampire hunter that shares his namesake jealous. He also hunts down vampires, and wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty on a few of the “sparkling kind”.

He came from Roswell, New Mexico, where he picked up his alien-loving nature. But at 4, his family moved to Canada. From there, he hopes that his new home can be the beacon of an alien meeting. He also adores animals, as well. Helps that his parents own a pet shop, and he sometimes slept in it when he was younger so the pets wouldn’t be lonely. But, he also gets distracted when he meets a punk girl. He gains a crush on girls like that often, and sometimes meets with disastrous results.

Ross heads to Dictionary to show off his alien-loving spirit. Maybe he’ll find other than an alien during his travels there…

''Selena Whintwood, the Snob

Selena grew up in a rich family, and being spoiled really helped matters with her personality. She is selfish, and rude. Sure, she'll try to pretend to be your friend, but she'll stab you in the back before long.

She hates, hates, hates, HATES nerds and geeks and their activities with a burning passion. Be it D&D, video games, she wants them all GONE when she rules the world with an iron fist. She detests Heather from going from her snobbish roots to somewhat of a nice gal, at times. And she often than not, sends letters written to Beth in pig blood, teasing her about winning. She thinks DUNCAN should had won, not her. (Keep in mind, Dictionary takes place if Beth won Action.)

Selena hopes to "set right what went wrong" and show that meanness and cruelness is the way to go.

''Tina Gaimspeer, the Nintendo Fan Girl

Tina has been playing Nintendo games since she was born. There are rumors that her mom played a game boy while she was pregnant with Tina. She knows a lot of secrets, and all in all, she is a kind-hearted girl. However, one day, her life changed forever...

After that faithful day that killed her parents. very nearly killed her, and dyed her hair pink with pink cotton candy coloring and making her smell like cotton candy permanently (Don't ask me how that works.), she now resides in an orphanage, where she is looked down upon by most of her fellow orphans. It all came down to a boil one day, when suddenly, a short, brunet angel helped her face her demons, and she recovered. Said angel also helped her meet a good friend she holds dear to her heart, who vowed to help her get adopted someday.

She and her angel of a bro decided to sign up for Dictionary to have a good time. Heck, she may even find a fellow geek like her, despite her being a walking scented cotton candy air freshener... Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

''Ugra Quilten, the Shiny Hunter

Ugra is a hunter of shiny stuff.

''Vikki Heart Love, the Cute Clown

Having been left in a basket outside a circus trailer in the stereotypical "Basket Baby" fashion, Vikki was taken in by a family of clowns, and raised in the circus for much of her life. She really enjoys clowns and the clown lifestyle, though she does wonder who is her birth mom, but she doesn't care too much, being what the letter said about her.

She knows of a lot of circus tricks, including juggling and balancing on a unicycle. In fact, she is for certain she is the only clown that even a person with a fear of clowns would approach for a hug. She is also attractive, having various people, male and female try to crush on her. She states that she isn't looking for love right now, and that she's straight. But she accepts them for what they are, regardless of sexuality. She also oftentimes jumps to conclusions, which sometimes goes south. But she does straighten things out. She's also a fan of chocolate, but she doesn't go all hyper, like a certain blonde girl in another Total Drama series who is well loved.

Vikki signed up for Dictionary, as Total Drama's first (And most likely, only) clown. She also wants to prove that not all clowns are scary. But she does feel she's gonna succeed at proving that point.

''Whitney Morgan, the Wild Gal

Ever since Whitney was little, she was a really genki and wild girl. She still is. She is also very injury-prone. Good thing she carries tons of bandages, huh? She is also friendly, and often gets into certain situations very easily. She may be odd, but she's a good friend to have by your side.

Nose bandages are kinda a tradition in her family; despite all the bandages on her, her nose bandage's decorative! Her wrist bandages are, as well, which are awfully strong. She even learned to use it as a whip, to swing around stuff. She's also quite the fighter, being a blue belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. She hopes the need never arises to which she may have to use her moves, but she does have a really good roundhouse kick,to which she hopes to pass down to someone someday.

Whitney heads to Dictionary, just to really have fun. Who knows? She may help someone out of their shell, and gain more than just a friend...

''Xander Litwak, the Bug Exterminator

Xander is a hunter of bugs.

Yuki White, the Out-There Artist

Yuki is an artist. Her sketches and drawings are really well done, and all at the ripe age of 15. She's also a well talented hair dresser, with most of her talent taught to her by her mom. She also has a kind heart, willing to help you out in any way she can. However, despite the name Yuki, it isn't her real name at all!

When she was young, she and her family had to move into a town, and the poor Vietnamese girl was treated like she had a plague. It got progressively worse come Middle school, where her tormentors did a vile thing... Let's just say, said vile thing has her painting her face now, and wearing wristbands. She doesn't mind, much. It kinda makes her unique in a way.

Seeing that Total Drama had an artist by the name of Gwen, she hopes to be just like her, except more loved by all. She also plans on matchmaking several couples on the Island. Although she does state that she may not find love on the island, however... But stranger things have happened...

''Zero Chance, the Cruel Sociopath

Think most Minister's sons and daughters are the nicest of the bunch? Think again! Zero is a loud mouth that pretends to be nice when his parents are around. But behind the scenes, he is as cruel as all get out. He also got busted by his folks numerous times.

Zero's parents are extremely strict, when it comes to him. They don't even allow G rated movies in their house! So Zero often sneaks out to watch some of the most violent and sickest stuff ever spawned. He also enjoys mocking other people, especially if they have a disability. He calls them part of the reject pile of society. He also swears like a sailor. He won't say why, he keeps that a secret, in case someone with a similar disability finds out.

Zero found out about Dictionary through word of mouth, since his parents had 8,999 TV Channels blocked. He said to his parents that he was signing up for a camp, but truthfully, he's going to Dictionary to cause some mayhem and mischief. Here's hoping he doesn't rub a certain cotton-candy scented gamer girl the wrong way.

     Secondary Characters 

Nerdi, the Sock Puppet

Nuva's puppet, who is somehow capable of motion.

  • Better Than New: After Nerdi got torn to shreds thanks to Danny, Isaac mended her up. One of the things he included were legs.
  • Hand Puppet

Chef Squirrel, the Cooking Squirrel

A squirrel that gained cooking abilities thanks to Zero.

Kanata, the Cheeseburger Loving Kitten

Born to a cat, no less, Kanata was not like other kittens... She was grey and yellow striped, when all her brothers and sisters were either calico, or grey. She was seen as an oddball, and was the runt of the litter. Needless to say, she was cute... Well, aren't ALL kittens cute?

Soon after, the owner of the kittens decided it would be best for them to be given away, being the owner was elderly, and was gonna be admitted to a nursing home. All of Kanata's brothers and sisters were picked one by one, and Kanata was gonna be taken to a shelter, where she could be put down...

Kanata waits in her cardboard box for the perfect owner... Maybe even an otaku who has a crush on a gamer girl will do for an owner?

Woolfur, the Other Sockpuppet

An escaped ghost pirate-boy from the pirate days, he manages to escape and possess a puppet Isaac made.

  • Sharing a Body: Does this temporary with Bob, just so he could escape. He later possesses the Woolfur puppet.

The Peaceful Paws (Angel, Lynette, and Pat)

A group of Animal Loving friends that Luka joined up with. They later spend time at the Playa.

Bob's Family

A pair of abusive and mean people, trying to regain back Bob.

  • Abusive Parents: They are this to Bob in spades.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: No kidding. One of the first things they do upon arriving on the island to kidnap Bob is tranquilizing Hannah.
    • They even attacked the Playa, to keep backup from arriving.
  • Human Shield: Lardna uses Bob as a human shield when Whitney gained the upper hand when the two fought.
  • Knights of Cerebus: They are the only characters in the story that aren't played for laughs.