Characters / Total Drama Dictionary

Total Drama Dictionary has its share of colorful contestants. From Alec to Zero, they're either in to win, or to just have a good time...

     The Contestants 

Alec Nye, The Mad Sciencist

A science… Er, SCIENCE obsessed male, he often brews various potions to help him out during the contest.

Bob Nookway, the Youngster

Even though he's eleven, he wants to prove he's just as strong as the teenagers.

Candace Inkwell, the Cartoon Fanatic

This rather animated gal loves cartoons, and anything that has to do with animation in general.

Danny Rayeman, the Rude Bully

A rather rude bully, he comes onto the show to… Well, push people around.

Ethan Reelbront, the Daydreamer

A male with his head, and his thoughts, often in the clouds.

Francis Jackson, The Obnoxious Nerd

An obnoxious male, who states the obvious every so often.

Gina Aperture, the Wrench Wench

A gal with a head full of ideas, and an operator of a giant robot.

Hannah Whypie, The Strong Cutie

She's the strongest eleven year old girl around! ...Or the only strongest eleven year old girl around.

Isaac Hakkit, the Hikikomori

A rather shy male, he tends to keep to himself doing what he does best… Sewing.

Jeanette Foster, The Geek to Popular

Growing up as a geek, she soon became popular overnight. May be hiding something.

Kagura Yukari, The Accidental Import

A mail mix-up has this girl going way across the Pacific Ocean, and onto Wawanakwa Island.

Luka Mopphaier, The Punk Zoologist

A gal with a love of animals… And body piercings.

Maxwell Spitz, the Otaku

A gentle Otaku, he joins the island to have some fun. And maybe win.

Nuva Muppet, the puppeteer

A fan of puppets, she and her puppet Nerdi hit up the island to have some fun.

Omelette ShineBrite, The Photophobic Buddy

While her sensitivity to bright lights hinders her some, that doesn't slow this gal down!

Peter Cerebous, the Graphics Fan

A fan of various shooters like Co D, he… may spark some memories from those days.

Quentin Schmidt, The Nerdy Surfer

A surfer by daylight, a nerd by moonlight. Never giving up in a real fight.

Ross Belmont, The Paranormal Fan

A lover of aliens, this male likes anything paranormal. He's also a fan of anything furry and cute.

Selena Whintwood, the Snob

The most popular girl in school, she strikes the island to prove that she is above all nerds.

Tina Gaimspeer, The Nintendo Fangirl

One huge Nintendo supporter, and has a rather unique scent to her.

Ugra Quilten, The Pajama Clad Guy

A fan of pajamas, he vows to wear them while he's on the show.

Vikki HeartLove, the Cute Clown

Growing up in a circus all her life, she wants to prove that not all clowns are scary.

Whitney Morgan, the Wild Gal

A rather genki and wild girl, she hits up the island to just have a good time.

Xander Litwak, the Arcade Gamer

A real fan of quarter munchers himself, he hits up one of the toughest games around…

Yuki White, The Matchmaking Artist

An artist with a love of romance… And face-painting, as well.

Zero Chance, The Foulmouth

A rather rude male, but maybe there's some hidden depths in him? Who knows...

     Secondary Characters 

Nerdi, the Sock Puppet

Nuva's puppet, who is somehow capable of motion.

  • Better Than New: After Nerdi got torn to shreds thanks to Danny, Isaac mended her up. One of the things he included were legs.
  • Hand Puppet

Chef Squirrel, the Cooking Squirrel

A squirrel that gained cooking abilities thanks to Zero.

Dana, the Tough as Nails Gal Pal

An Intern coming to the game early on, she assists in challenge prep, and the like.

Allie Pastel, the Gothic Doc

Another Intern coming to the game, she's the local doctor for the game.

Miss Gravlei, the Poacher

A rich woman, who loves to hunt animals.

  • Knight of Cerebus: Big time. For starters, she murders Luka's parents in cold blood. Then has plans on hitting up Wawanakwa Island for a couple of animals.