Fanfic / Total Drama Dictionary

Another alphabet- themed Total Drama fanfiction strikes again...

Total Drama Dictionary is a Total Drama fanfic made by BaconBaka on Fanfiction Dot Net. It features 26 original characters of the Alphabet, from a mad scientist, an otaku, to a ventriloquist, and a potty mouth.

The story can be found here. Tropes are down below.

  • Adorkable: Most of the campers are this.
  • First Day from Hell: Dana's first day as an intern involved a skeleton pirate rising from the grave, attempting to attack the campers.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": Most of the campers (and interns) at the Party Challenge are like this, when they realize that they gotta care for a group of 5 to 6 year olds, most of them hyperactive, no less.
  • Taken for Granite: Nearly the entire cast gets turned to stone when Ms. Gravlei storms the island armed with a petrification gun.