Characters / The Brady Bunch

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    The Brady Parents 

Tropes applying to both:

Michael Paul Brady

Played by: Robert Reed

Carol Ann Brady (nee Tyler)

Played by: Florence Henderson

    The Brady Boys 

Tropes applying to all the boys:

  • Nice Guy: Sure, they could be rough around the edges and prone to mean tricks and smart-aleck remarks, but they were all good guys. Especially Peter.
  • Missing Mom: Even mentioned in the pilot when Bobby is afraid Carol will be sad to see his birth mother's picture still sitting out.

Greg Brady

Played by: Barry Williams

Peter Brady

Played by: Christopher Knight

Bobby Brady

Played by: Mike Lookinland

  • Alliterative Name
  • Big Eater
  • The Celebrity Lie: Claimed he was close friends with Joe Namath.
  • Cheerful Child
  • First Kiss: The show's only episode on this subject was focused on him.
  • Height Angst: Bobby had this in one episode, hating that he was little. But in the end, he and one of his brothers got locked in Sam's meat locker while picking up meat for one of the boys' delivery job and only Bobby fit through the window to get out and get help.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation and I Just Want to Be Special: Not quite Jan level, but he still had enough of those moments. Probably that being the youngest boy and in shadow of both Greg and Peter, and the second-youngest overall, he was often seen questioning his self-worth.
  • Middle Child Syndrome: While not a middle boy, as the youngest boy (and second-youngest overall) he was actually more insecure than Peter, in four episodes thinking that Carol didn't love him; being rejected from glee club; not having a trophy when all his other siblings did; and the height issue.
  • Mr. Imagination: Bobby had a lot of daydream sequences in the series.
  • Sweet Tooth: Was majorly fond of ice cream and pastries.

    The Brady Girls 

Tropes applying to all the girls:

Marcia Brady

Played by: Maureen McCormick

Jan Brady

Played by: Eve Plumb

Cindy Brady

Played by: Susan Olsen

  • The Baby of the Bunch: Even in the Reunion Show A Very Brady Christmas Cindy, who is now 19, resents the fact that since she's the youngest they rest of her family all treat her like a baby. At Christmas she's still seated at the "kids table" along with the offspring of her siblings while those same siblings (including Bobby who is only a year or so older than her) are all seated at the adults table.
  • Cheerful Child
  • Companion Cube: Kitty Karry-All in season 1
  • The Cutie
  • Deliberately Cute Child: She definitely gave off this vibe in the first few seasons, especially when she wanted to get her way.
  • Girlish Pigtails: They were even the focus of the theme song.
  • Panty Shot: Had a few innocent ones in season 1
  • Static Character: Something that annoyed Susan Olsen was the fact that, by the time Cindy had begun to mature, Marcia and Jan had already exhausted most of the typical "teen drama" stories, meaning all Cindy could be was “the youngest one in curls.” Meaning Cindy had to be the wide-eyed, naïve little girl, even as she became a teenager. At one point, Cindy ruins a poster by spelling words wrong (including her sister's name!) and even writing her letters backwards. Olsen herself pointed out that Cindy was much too old for that to be funny by then.
  • Sweet Tooth: Like Bobby, she had a thing for ice cream and other desserts.


Alice Nelson

Played by: Ann B. Davis

Sam Franklin

Played by: Allan Melvin

  • The Butcher: Sam is a notable aversion of the trope's usual sinister connotations.
  • Love Interest: To Alice
  • Nice Guy: Always a good friend to the family.
  • Recurring Character: He actually appeared in only eight of the show's 117 episodes, although he's talked about in numerous others.

Oliver Tyler

Played by: Robbie Rist