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Characters: Star Wars
aka: Star Wars Original Trilogy

All spoilers regarding the Prequel Trilogy, the Original Trilogy, and The Clone Wars are unmarked. Examples relating to Disney's EU and the new movies can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary.

Tropes specifically applying to the characters based on their appearances in Star Wars Legends can be found here.

Characters in the Star Wars franchise are sorted according to their main allegiance within the canon films, animated series, novels, short stories, video games, and comics. All canon appearances of these characters will be listed at the top of their profile.

  • Rebel Alliancenote 
    • Crew of the Ghostnote 
  • Galactic Empirenote 
    • Imperial Courtnote 
  • The Jedi Ordernote 
    • The Jedi Councilnote 
  • The Galactic Republicnote 
    • Clone Troopersnote 
  • Separatist Alliancenote 
    • Trade Federationnote 
  • Bounty Huntersnote 
  • Criminalsnote 
  • Planets and Racesnote 
    • Dathomirnote 
    • Mandalorenote 
    • Naboonote 
    • Onderonnote 
    • Tatooinenote 
  • Other Force Users and Beingsnote 

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alternative title(s): A New Hope; Star Wars Original Trilogy; The Empire Strikes Back; Return Of The Jedi; The Phantom Menace; Revenge Of The Sith; Attack Of The Clones; Star Wars The Clone Wars Main Characters; Star Wars The Clone Wars Third Side Parties; Star Wars The Clone Wars Nonaligned; Star Wars The Clone Wars; Star Wars Rebels; Star Wars Blade Squadron; Darth Maul Son Of Dathomir; Star Wars Tarkin; A New Dawn
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