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Original Characters

A list of characters used in On Strange Wings and At Fate's Hands. These only encompasses the original characters, check the other character pages for those in original BlazBlue.

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    Gesshoku Yayoi 

Gesshoku Yayoi

Tsubaki's father. He dislikes Ragna at first for his reputation, but slowly grows to tolerate him, but only if he keeps his daughter safe.

Tropes associated with Gesshoku:

     Belioz Mutsuki 

Belioz Mutsuki

The head of the N.O.L. Duodecim's second family. He is a politician first and foremost. In that sense, he is out for the people. On the flip side, his main goal is increasing his own power and sway within the N.O.L. He is one of the main antagonists. He fights with a baton which allows him control over rocks and minerals.

Tropes associated with Belioz:



Lord Tenjo's son, who Bang Shishigami is out to look for. He joins Bang and Platinum on their quest to defeat the NOL.

Tropes associated with Tenshin:


Voivod (real name James Albrecht Mannock)

An injured NOL Air Corps member retrieved by Kokonoe and used as a sandbox of sorts for her weaponry. He's actually a spy under NOL, pissed with how Kokonoe modified his body to be so overly painful to operate with.

Tropes associated with Voivod:

  • Awesome, but Impractical: His legs can form a railgun that damages him. It blasts a hole in Hakumen's armor, but melts Voivod's knee in the process.