Tear Jerker / On Strange Wings

On Strange Wings

  • Chapter 5: Tsubaki comes to the conclusion that Ragna's going to die and decides to stay with him until the end, even if it means that Hazama were to find and kill her as a result.

At Fate's Hands

  • Chapter 15: Ragna cries after he hears that Tsubaki is dead.
  • Chapter 23: Gesshoku and Tsubaki speaking for what seems like the last time, just before her planned execution
  • Having pulled a Cast from Lifespan ploy to save Tsu from Relius, Hakumen tells her about his past, and reveals that he's Jin. He says farewell, knowing he won't survive the next battle. He doesn't.
    • Harsher in Hindsight: Change a few key players around, and it's pretty much exactly how Hakumen dies in Central Fiction.
  • Ragna finding out Saya's soul is no more. His journey has been for nothing. Subverted, in that he's sure Izanami's lying.

In Time's Eyes

  • Chapter 5: Rachel finding Valkenhayn's body, and Tsu and Ragna finding her dad's.