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Awesome: On Strange Wings

On Strange Wings

  • Chapter 3: A less fighty one, but Tsubaki actually managing to get through the thick wall of Bang's head with words
  • Chapter 5: Tsubaki managing to keep up with Hazama for a hell of a long time one on one before getting beaten.
    • Props to Ragna too for lasting as long as he did WITHOUT Bloodscythe.
  • Chapter 7: Ragna finishing the battle with Hazama with Devoured By Darkness

At Fate's Hands

  • Chapter 4: Makoto forcing a stalemate against Hazama with a bomb
  • Chapter 8: Hakumen is on the ropes against Nu-13 who has been restored. Cue Rachel and Valkenhayn, Big Damn Heroes.
    Rachel: Oh Mr Hero, you do not seem to fare well against these Murakumo Units. Perhaps time has absconded your strength after all?
  • Chapter 9: Iron Tager. A massive airship. Atomic Collider. Tager wins. Power Of Magnetism Indeed
  • Chapter 14: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing. Takes on Ragna under the influence of the Azure without breaking a sweat. And technically wins!
  • Chapter 19: Hazama interrupts Ragna's azure summoning - no metaphysical tricks, just a sucker-punch Houtenjin in the middle of the incantation! Also counts as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Chapter 20: "No. Nu wants you to die."
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