Characters / Dragon Rage

A list of characters that appear in Dragon Rage.

Cael Cyndar

Cael as he appears in cutscenes.
Cael in gameplay. 

A fierce and proud dragon that could never be tamed. He was condemned to Desmurian Ty until he got out and completely destroyed it. Now he fights the Orc bureaucracy to save his race. He is the hero of the game.

Adara The Sprite

I guess you scared the orcs good.

A sultry little Sprite that helps Cael in his quest to defeat the Orc bureaucracy.

General Mandek Of The Orc Army


The leader of the Orc Army. He is overconfident and a pig.

Galthran Etruk


A powerful Orc Monk who has been trapped in a dark keep for decades, this makes his magic useless until you enter his domain. He is loyal to only himself.



Magical creatures enslaved by the Orcs to preform tasks form them. Various unnamed Sprites help you in the game most, however, need to be freed first.



A entire race of being hell bent on taking control of everything.