Characters / Doomsday


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The Extraction Team


Major Eden Sinclair

Played By: Rhona Mitra

"I'll tell you what I lost: I lost my bloody mind."

  • Action Girl: Sinclair is a formidable warrior with nerves of steel who rarely shows fear. She can take down multiple assailants and even a knight in full armour.


Sergeant Norton

Played By: Adrian Lester


Dr Ben Stirling

Played By: Darren Morfitt

"There's always hope."


Dr Talbot

Played By: Sean Pertwee



Played By: Chris Robson

  • Shout-Out: His name is a reference to George Miller, an inspiration for the film.



Played By: Leslie Simpson

United Kingdom Government


Bill Nelson

Played By: Bob Hoskins

"You carry on the way you're going, you're going to wind up one seriously fucked up individual."


Prime Minister John Hatcher

Played By: Alexander Siddig

"...they'll be lining up to kiss my arse for that cure."

  • Puppet King: It's clear that Canaris is the one who really calls the shots.


Michael Canaris

Played By: David O’Hara

"Leave the dying to die."

  • Guttural Growler: Listen to him for five minutes and you'll want a glass of water for your sympathetic vocal chords.



Marcus Kane

Played By: Malcolm McDowell

"They started this fire. They can burn in it!"


Sol Kane

Played By: Craig Conway

"This is our city! Whoever they send here, we're gonna catch 'em, we're gonna cook 'em, and we're gonna eat 'em!"



Played By: Lee-Anne Liebenberg

  • The Quiet One: She only has one line during the movie, which somehow only manages to add to her awesome.


Cally Kane

Played By: MyAnna Buring