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Fridge: Doomsday
  • I was thinking about how downright pathetic and unable to stand up for herself Cally was in Doomsday, which was weird given the writer/director's love for the Action Girl trope. It eventually hit me after reading about the main character's background - Cally was supposed to be the contrast to Eden Sinclair. Eden grew up on the streets and learned to be tough and hold her own, so now she's a super tough Action Girl. Cally would have grown up with her abusive and psychotic father and brother without a chance of holding her own, so she learned to be afraid of them and stay away from violence. -Whatever

  • More Fridge Logic than anything. Why didn't the cannibals eat the cows outside of the city? You know instead of people.
    • Possibly they did. They just ate people as well, for the hell of it.
    • Also there were that many cows after 20 odd years of barely anyone around, not as the virus swept in.
      • Granted, but cows are a much better source of meat than people ever could be... it takes a human being 15-20 years to grow to a 150-200 pound state, it takes a cow maybe 9 months to grow to 550 pounds or more. You'd think if cows were a few hours travel away, humans wouldn't be quite such a delicacy.
      • Perhaps they had yet to notice the cows?

  • Another piece of Fridge Logic: Why were people surprised at survivors in Scotland? Even without immunity it's clearly not an airbourne virus and there is a lot of Scotland with next to no-one living in it that would remain isolated from infection. A few survivors were inevitable.
    • Not to mention, lots and lots of people would have sealed themselves in with some food and water at the news of a major virus outbreak that was transmitted by touch/blood/whatever. It's established in the intro that it took at least a couple months from first infection to where they were rioting and building a wall. How would you not plan for survivors who simply avoided contact?

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