Awesome / Doomsday

  • Eden Sinclair goes back to the group of cannibals that attacked her team with the head of the leader, making her their new leader.
  • Doomsday is one Crowning Moment of Awesome after another. You want to know how exactly Sol's head got decapitated? He was on top of the car she and her friends were in, and then she drove it through a bus. Yes, that's right, through a bus. Which then exploded. Although the tag team beheading of his girlfriend earlier had been pretty fucking awesome its own self.
    • You know what makes the first one even more awesome? It was real. They actually drove a car through a bus at 90 miles an hour. Also a CMoA for the Bentley - it was barely damaged.
  • Sol dances on stage singing "Good Thing," by the Fine Young Cannibals to his followers. Then an outsider gets wheeled in, set on fire, and fed to the crowd. Who knew insane punk savages could appreciate such irony?
    • To make Eden Sinclair's execution more fun, they put her unarmed and wearing normal clothing in an Arena with a guy wearing full plate armor and carrying a variety of weapons. Guess who won?
      • According to the writers, that scene is so awesome, it's pretty much the whole reason the movie was made in the first place.