Awesome Music / Need for Speed

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     First era: 1994's The Need for Speed to 2002's Hot Pursuit 2 

     Second era: 2003's Underground to 2008's Undercover 

     Third era: 2009's Shift to 2011's The Run 

     Fourth era: 2012's Most Wanted and 2013's Rivals 

     Fifth era: 2015's No Limits and the Need for Speed reboot onwards 
  • No Limits delivers a truly high-quality, bombastic soundtrack, highlights being "Push 'Em" by Travis Barker & Yelawolf, "Mosh Pit" by Flosstradamus and Casino, "Crucial Velocity" by Clutch, and "Rage The Night Away" by Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka Flame.
  • The reboot's teaser trailer closes with this.
    • Its showing at E3 surely impressed in terms of music. A remix of "Night Riders" by Major Lazer featuring Travi$ Scott, Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Mad Cobra has been used for the full-length trailer, and the customization trailer used two songs: the trap anthem "Surface" by Aero Chord, and "Go" by The Chemical Brothers featuring Q-Tip.
    • The E3/Gamescom build has also confirmed a handful of new songs, such as the bass-heavy, high-energy "Black Sun" by Congorock (who also provided "Minerals" for Rivals) and Daddy's Groove, the raw, unrefined garage rock sound of "We Can Do What We Want" by Drenge, and the chaotic, brutalizing "Move It" by Reso.
    • Other noteworthy songs in the full game include the heavenly, summer-influenced "Rio" by Netsky and Digital Farm Animals, the menacing "Insignia" by Muzzy, "Shake and Tremble" by Django Django, and the insanely catchy "Kokayne" by Riff Raff.
    • For those who like heavier stuff, there are always "Ice Hands" by Krakota, "Vikings" by Botnek & 3LAUnote (spoilers) , "Better Hide, Better Run" by the Glitch Mob, "Imbalanced" by Phace, "Blight Mamba" by Royalston, "Lose Ya Love" by Kill The Noise, "Elektra" by Refused, and "Machines" by Modestep.
    • Lynx's "Into The Light" is the perfect backdrop for a fast race in the highways of Ventura Bay. "Clap Track", instead, is more fitting for a tight race in Ventura's tight suburban alleyways.
    • "Vibe Out" by GotSome combines infectious, brassy yet ominous basslines and beats (reminiscent of Front 242's "Headhunter") with British hip hop superstar Wiley's constant, precise flow, making it quite possibly one of the best songs in the game.
    • "Stormtrooper" by June Miller and Virus Syndicate is the perfect fusion between beautifully horrifying drum and bass with vortex-like, ultra-fast rapping. It is an adrenaline rush from start to finish.
    • "Blockbuster Night Part 1" by critically acclaimed Underground Hip Hop duo Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike) lasts only 2 minutes and a half, but that's all they need to blow you away utterly.
    • "Let's Take This Outside" by The One and Only PPL MVR is even shorter, lasting just 1:46, but it's still riding the same boat as the above song.
    • "Break Them" by Aero Chord and "Get Rowdy" by Clement Marfo & The Frontline are only heard during two specified cutscenes, and that's a real shame because they both really get the adrenaline flowing.
    • GoMad! & MONSTER's "Under Control" is a song exclusively composed for the game, and featuring ex-Qemists frontman Matt Rose, it is an electronic metal/drum and bass firecracker made to infuse adrenaline. The music video even features snippets from the game's various trailers and even the game's own characters such as Spike and Robyn.
    • One of the things the Legends Update did was bring back many beloved past NFS tunes going as far back as the first game, covering up to ProStreet. See the list for yourself on Need for Speed Wiki.

     Artist Related Music 
  • Rom Di Prisco's work isn't confined to the series, he makes quite a lot trance music for his own albums like Cryptidalia and doesn't refrain from the occasional remix here and there. Some of his best songs include Subatomic Shifter (and its remix) and Delta Velorum (and its remix as well) but the best probably has to go to Graviphoton, its remix and another remix by Mellow Sonic.