Funny / Need for Speed

The video game franchise:

The film based on the games:

  • Finn stripping off all his clothes and leaving work completely naked while people gawk at him.
    • During the same scene, Tobey trolling the police officer outside right before the car chase. The faces he makes are hilarious.
    Cop: That's your car, son?
    Tobey: Uh, no, no no no no, no, no, are you crazy? You know how expensive this car is?
    Cop: Why don't you just take it around the corner?
    Tobey: Hey, did you see how fast I was going? It must have been 160 on that, on that off ramp. I mean, you should drive this car. I mean, it's amazing.
    Julia: Officer—
    Tobey: It's insane.
    Julia: I am so sorry. My boyfriend is obviously trying to impress me...
    Cop: Why don't we just take it around the block, now?
    Tobey: (massive grin and thumbs-up)
  • Maverick commandeering a news chopper and during an actual news broadcast, he focuses the camera on some women jogging, complete with close-ups of their asses. Cut to the people at the network frantically yelling to cut to commercial.
    • Also Maverick's prisoner exercises.