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Awesome: Need for Speed
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  • One day someone found a cheater in Hot Pursuit 2010 who was trying to NOS all the way to victory. Others just backed down (disconnect). Not this guy.
    • Uploader's account is down though, but you get the idea.
    • Just look at the cheater ramming this player in vain near the finale. Priceless.
  • The Run has Jack ramming a freaking helicopter!
  • NFS II and III's intros:
    • In II, it shows a Lamborghini (ID) Cala and a Jaguar XJ 220 pulling up before racing each other on an open road, set to the in game track Gore, passing traffic with occasional shots of other cars in the game before the two cars start blazing into a red and yellow trail that circle's the globe several times, revealing the title.
    • III shows several shots of lightning along with occasional shots of driving along a road in a storm, occasional welding sparks showing off the cars within the game before a piston pulls back and forth with NFS III engraved on the head, the camera pulls up to a Countach before it takes off, set to the music while showing the other cars in the game: The Diablo SV, Nazca C2 (PSX), F355 Spider F1, 550 Maranello, CLK-GTR along with some in game shots of the police chases before ending with the Diablo, the sparks coming from the NFS III logo flashing like a police lightbar.
  • See how far you can go off those interlocking rings in Most Wanted 2012 with a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or a Koenigsegg Agera R using powershot pro nitrous. Either way, it's fun to go off those rings.
    • If you drive at it from the correct angle (facing the hotel with the rings in the foreground, it's almost directly from the right, a bit towards the hotel) in a fast, flat car like the LFA or Marussia, you can land INSIDE the parking garage. That's right: you can launch a supercar into a gap between 2 concrete barriers maybe twice as tall as your car!
    • You think that's far? Combining the Ultimate Speed Pack and Terminal Velocity DLC will let you go over a plane with a Hennessey Venom GT Spyder at 270+ MPH and land OVER SIX HUNDRED YARDS AWAY.
  • With the Terminal Velocity DLC for Most Wanted 2012, you can have a drag race on an airport strip, with airplanes parked on the runway. Not to mention the feeling you get when you pass either one of the speed cameras at either side, reminding you that you are in control of a machine that can (with generous tuning) break 300 MPH/480 KPH.
  • All of the racing scenes in the film, made better by the fact that they were all done practically with no CGI whatsoever.
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