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Near every song in near every Command and Conquer game is either made of pure concentrated awesome of the combat, searching or construction variety.

You can even listen to a lot of this Awesome Music at Frank's website using the jukebox.

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     Tiberium Series 
  • All of the music from the first game (either Tiberian Dawn or The Tiberium Conflict) is awesome.
    Joseph D. Kucan: Two GDI bases rest on ground I have chosen to be the temple... of my cradle of Nod! [cue laughter]
    Eric Martin: It's up to you to mobilize a strike force. Acquire Mobius and rendezvous with the— $&!#!
  • March to Doom. Awesomeness pure!
  • While the music of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm music is...different from that of Tiberian Dawn it is still awesome.
    • Slave to the System A driving beat pumps you up to kick ass.
    • Lone Trooper A slow, mournful, slightly creepy tune that sums up the grim state of the Earth.
    • Stomp was actually first heard in Tiberian Sun but was also included in Renegade for its penultimate level then the song shows up again in the teaser for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars for a badass sequence of GDI forces being mobilized.
    • Pharotek. Egyptian-style, baby!
    • Valves. The first track you hear in the game (assuming you weren't playing as Nod scum), which like Act on Instinct before it set the tone for the next entry in the Tiberium sage - dark, futuristic, and apocalyptic.
    • Dusk Hour single handedly the creepiest song in the entirety of the Command and Conquer soundtrack (Red Alert included).
      • The only other song that can contest that is the aptly-named Gloom, at least in its first half of the song.
      • What Lurks is another contender for this spot. Tiberian Sun just seems to have a creepy as hell soundtrack in general.
    • Nod crush is really popular as a nod theme, it also gained a remix for the Renegade mod Reborn.
    • Link-Up, typically playing in the last mission for Tiberian Sun Firestorm (either side), this piece doubles as a Moment of Awesome, both for the atmosphere of the moment and for making a piece of music around the old modem dial-up noises that we're all familiar with. Because Dystopian Sci-Fi Is Techno.
    • And of course, Frank's favorite track from the game, Mad Rap, is such with good reason.
    • Mutants, particularly the intermittent nightmarish chord progression (beginning at about 0:10).
    • Want to be creeped out for the rest of your life? Ion Storm and Dusk Hour (the latter getting technoish by the end) will claim your soul.
    • Killing Machine.
    • "Infrared", a drum and bass-esque song that goes really well with stealth operations.
    • "Infiltration", which actually sounds quite similar to many of the slower tracks from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. A meta-case of Foreshadowing?
    • And then there's this rarely-heard track, "Initiate," which was intended to be used in Firestorm. Its absence is conspicuous, considering its absolutely awesome segue from ominous techno to rockin' metal.
  • Command & Conquer: Renegade has more action based tracks due to it's Genre Shift from the rest of the series but action typically makes the soundtrack more awesome in this case.
  • Destructible Times, the end credits theme for the Brotherhood of Nod campaign in the original game.
  • C&C3 Kane's Wrath gives us Mechanical Minds.
  • C&C3's "Heavy Handed" is disturbingly creepy in a good way, but the most epic and ferociously brutal of all the tracks in the game is "Radiation Alert"
    • Black Dawn lets all people playing it know desperately the world is struggling to survive.
    • Tiberian Influx.
    • Hell, all of the C&C3 stuff is pretty good. Might not be Frank, but it's still good stuff. There's a great sense of urgency and panic in the combat themes (Deadly Force, Renegade Attack, Apocalypse) that suits the sudden arrival of the seemingly unstoppable Scrin, GDI's all-out assaults, or NOD's multi-pronged Mind Screw-based offensives, and an apocalyptic ambience in pieces like Gathering Intel.
  • Fight, Win, Prevail. Short, yet chilling...
  • If there is one redeeming feature of the seemingly ruined forever C&C4, it has to be this: To The Death.
    • Or Prophet's Ascension played in the final cutscene of the game. The whole soundtrack reflects the games relation to the previous incarnations of the Tiberum series: has nothing to do with it. Doesn't mean it's bad though.
    • Then there's "We Rise," which apparently got its start as a track for the cancelled game Tiberium.
  • The Fan Remake of Renegade (Renegade X) is worth mentioning too. Not only does it bring in remakes of old favorites (Act On Instinct, No Mercy, and of course, Stomp, among others), it also has its own unique, and rather awesome, tunes, such as Valiant and Blinded.

     Red Alert Series 
Hell March

Red Alert (Includes Counterstrike & The Aftermath)
  • Traction.
  • Both Floating and Fogger (along with Traction) go great to building a base.
  • The Search, which is like being lost in a forest during winter.
  • "Radio 2" just makes you want to get up and dance. Not the best thing in the world when you're trying to not be blown to pieces by the Soviet War Machine, but a kick-ass tune either way. The random chanting monks in the background don't hurt, either.
    • Remixed for the Counterstrike expansion, sprinkled throughout with voice clips from the actual game.
  • Many songs from Counterstrike/Retaliation easily qualify as "awesome". Most of them are remixes of the songs from previous C&C titles, namely:
  • Both Tracks 1 & 2 of "Face the Enemy". They rival Hell March in diversity and awesomeness.
  • Big Foot, which often is the first thing you hear when starting a mission. Perfect track to get you pumped up for the battles to come.
  • Workmen.
  • Needless to say, the entire soundtrack for the first in the Red Alert series is made of epic win, and ranks among the best music Frank Klepaki ever made.

Red Alert 2 (Includes Yuri's Revenge)
  • Destroy. If it weren't for Hell March 2 or Grinder, It would definitely be Red Alert 2's defining Epic Riff.
  • The menu themes from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge: Grinder and Drok respectively.
  • The loading theme in Red Alert 2, Jank, is an excellent song. However, it only appears in the loading screen and can't be played otherwise. The only way to hear the whole thing in-game is if your processor is slower than molasses that Carville'll be dipped in.
  • Grinder has an interesting callback - one of the voice samples comes from a cutscene in Red Alert (the one where Einstein is chrono'd away seconds before his execution).
  • In Deep, the song that was played when installing both RA2 and Yuri's Revenge.
  • Brain Freeze, which borders on Nightmare Fuel. Your feeling of helplessness is your best friend, savage!
  • Apocalypse Rising, a mod for Renegade that brings in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge content, has a pretty awesome theme that combines Hell March 2 (at the pace of the original Hell March) with Destroy,
  • The Yuri's Revenge expansion gives us Phat Attack.
  • Deciever. The soundtrack lives up to its name by having a Mood Whiplash feeling going from a fast paced track, to a relaxing tune then back to action again.

Red Alert 3 (Includes Uprising)

     Generals Series 
  • While very, very different from the usual C&C offerings, Generals is full of musical badassery. If you can listen to the GLA Anthem without an immediate urge to start blowing shit up, there is something very wrong with you.
  • Generals, while it didn't feel like a C&C game, did come up with music that fit the factions perfectly. This Chinese battle theme conjures up images of rank after rank of marching infantry, while this ambient music for the USA captures the feel of heroic resignation accompanying American troop deployments... and was actually heard at the Beijing Olympics, which is unintentionally hilarious
  • The music of official Trailer of the Zero Hour expansion, after all these years you can still feel the emotion!
  • The American Victory theme. If heroism and triumph could be distilled into music, then this is it.
  • Commanche Down is worthy of some merit!
  • Additionally, the USA's main battle theme and its remix.
  • Something of an odd-one-out, the ninth Chinese track is downright spooky, and a complete case of Soundtrack Dissonance compared to the rest of the music. It's like it came from an entirely different game.

     Dune series 
  • Before Command and Conquer, there was Dune II, which had context-sensitive midi music that matched the flow of the game. The battle music in particular is very well suited to get the adrenaline flowing. Klepacki reused many of the same melodies in Dune 2000, giving us some epic tracks such as Fight for power and Harkonnen battle. Here are complete soundtracks.
  • Every single track in Dune Emperor. The Atreides tracks have this valiant hero feel while still being badass, and were made by Frank Klepaki, who made 90% of all the Command and Conquer music. The Ordos music is creepy and mysterious, and was made by Jarrid Mendelson who made about a third of the Tiberian sun music, while the Harkonnen music by David Arkenstone goes towards a guitar-heavy rock sound that is surprisingly remiscient of the Harkonnen music in the 1984 Dune movie.

     Cross Series remix 

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