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  • Awesome Music: Has its own page.
  • Broken Base: There is a small but very dedicated and fanatical group of the Command & Conquer fandom who insist that the only real games were made before Westwood was bought out by EA Games. You are not allowed to like any game released after Red Alert 2 and are expected to declare war on EA.
  • Ear Worm: Countless, including "C&C Thang" from the original and "Hell March" from the Red Alert series.
  • Fanon Dis Continuity: Fans still debate on a number of issues, notably which ending of the first Red Alert leads to Tiberian Dawn. Word of God is the Allied ending.
  • Game-Breaker: There are many for each series.
    • Mammoth Tanks, Commando & Transport Chopper, Tiberian Sun's Artillery and Subterranean APCs, Rocket Launchers.
      • Tiberian Sun's Artillery is especially bad, mostly because of how accurate they are against moving targets. Even the strongest armored units in the game, including the Mammoth Mk.2, will be torn to pieces by just a few artillery. They effectively obsolete the Obelisk of Light in terms of ground defense, since in addition to greater range and lower price, they require no power and will pulverize groups of infantry, unlike the Obelisk. However, they were nerfed in Firestorm.
    • Yuri from Yuri's Revenge. Namely, Flying Discs with lasers and tractor beams, tanks and static defences that can mind control enemy units, and missile submarines.
      • You can shut down an enemy's entire base with just four Flying Discs. Park one over a Power Plant, another over their Refinery, and one near any building that can produce anti-air infantry/vehicles. Not to mention Yuri Prime, who can mind-control buildings (and with the Cloning Vat, you can get two Yuri Primes!)
    • Uprising introduces us to the Harbinger gunship, a nigh on invincible self healing flying fortress. If you can build up a few then they make the attack move option a 'I win' button.
      • Arguably as the Harbinger has a flight pattern that circles around the target running into range of anti-air defenses. Their healing is extremely slow, their cannons have a hard time hitting even slightly moving targets and can only shoot one side so they can suffer Deathofa Thousand Cuts from anti-air vehicles while fighter units can easily take them down. They are a top tech level and costly unit. Theyre certainly Awesome, but Impractical
    • The Empire's Giga-Fortress. Just one of them can take away a quarter of a Harbinger's health in Sea-Fortress mode. And don't get me started on Sky-Fortress mode!
    • The Sky-Fortress modes is the main use for them. They outrange anti-air units, and do insane damage.
    • On the more Boring, but Practical side, there's the Soviet Mortar Cycles, which only cost 600 credits and only require a Barracks and War Factory. However, they are armed with Molotov Cocktails and Mortar Cannons, and they move quickly. Bases do not stand up for long against them.
      • As mentioned above, this is most likely the reason why Uprising does not support non-CPU multiplayer.
    • The Apocalypse Tank in Uprising gets some major upgrades. Its magnetic harpoon weapon now keeps enemy units from shooting back, so if you micromanage them right you can easily defeat a force tier-3 armor of the same size without taking any damage, and they can used to pull ships on land to instantly destroy them. However, it's not considered a gamebreaker merely because of Harbingers Gunships and Giga Fortresses.
    • The Allied Future Tank is every bit as capable of slaughtering an enemy armor divison of equal size as the Apocalypse, and indeed, when microed properly, can vaporize every apocalypse tank before the harpoon finishes disarming it's target. This is all done with it's Riot Beam which does damage comparable to a superweapon.
    • The MARV from Kane's Wrath is a giant tank that can garrison four infantry, fires sonic grenades from a three-barreled cannon, can instantly harvest tiberium, and with the right combination of infantry is nigh unstoppable.
      • It can also self-heal (with the right infantry on board) and survive a direct hit from a nuke.
    • As the meta game progressed, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars players started countering the MARV (and the other two faction's epic units) with electromagnetic pulse units. This has diminished the MARV's nigh-unstoppability as it is possible to "stun-lock" the epic units using a sufficient number of EMP-equipped units. This means an unescorted epic unit will suffer a humiliating defeat without an army to back it up.
    • The Purifier War Mech from the Black Hand Faction in Kane's Wrath has almost no weaknesses. Despite being a supposed "prototype" variant of the Avatar War Mech in the base game, the Purifier trades the upgrade ability for a built-in Flamethrower along with it's Obelisk-derived hand laser. However the Flamethrower does not need to target, and can in fact fire independently from the Purifier with great range. With the Purifying Flame upgrade, this lets the Flamethrower rapidly damage armor and structural units, effectively allowing the Purifier to wade through enemy ranks and bases, demolishing anything that isn't fast enough to get out of the way. And because the flamethrower fires on it's own, this makes the Purifier completely immune to the counter for walkers; Commandos will never get within range of it's legs before they're charbroiled to a crisp.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The Tiberium and Red Alert games are very popular in Europe (Generals, not so much). One reason why is probably because Europe and European armies feature very heavily in the campaigns. The GDI campaign in the first game takes place in Europe and even features battles in many countries that don't get much media attention, like the Baltic republics. Meanwhile, the first Red Alert game took place entirely in Europe and the Allied commanding officers were a German and a Greek. Later games began to have more of an emphasis on America, but still had strong European involvement; the Tiberium series in particular continued to visit countries in Europe such as Norway and Switzerland, and Nod's main Temple is always found in the former Yugoslavia.
    • The Trope Namer himself even makes a cameo at the end of Red Alert 3.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Silo needed."
    • The trick to avoid losing money through storage overflow is to construct a building and then cancel it. The Tiberium/Ore is converted into hard cash which frees up the need for Silos.
    • "CANNOT DEPLOY HERE." Especially recurring in Command and Conquer 3, where the build system is very restrictive and non-grid-based.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page.
  • Only the Creator Does It Right: Many fans of the older games do not think highly of EA's installments, save for Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3, which were received somewhat better or just as well than the rest.