Awesome / Command & Conquer

Kane, the Big Bad of the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Series gets quite a few moments.
  • No discussion of Kane's awesome is complete without mentioning his casual disposal of The Starscream.
    Seth: You see, power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood. Kane has been loathe to attack America, but I think now is the time, and you are the one to do it. This is the Pentagon. A full-scale attack with your strongest forces should render their military center of oper- *gunshot*
    Kane: Yes. Power shifts more quickly than some people think.
    • For reference, you've up until this point been taking orders from Seth, a shady guy with a tendency to send you into missions with faulty intelligence (such as calling an area undefended when it is in fact heavily defended) and slight hints of envy towards you. He's also made it clear that if you fail, you die. He plans to send you on a mission that involves a frontal assault on the Pentagon itself. Then Kane is introduced for the first time in the game, by killing Seth.
      • One YouTube comment sums it up: "'This plan is so secret, even Kane knows nothing of it.' Moron, Kane knows everything his people do."
  • In the sequel, Tiberian Sun, he returns just as badass. As a traitor is about to be executed under continuous shouts of "Kane lives in death." Kane then appears, shouting "Kane LIVES!" Even if you know it's coming, it'll give you chills every single time.
    • "Rule of thumb, Hassan: You can't kill the Messiah."
    • Which itself gets a Call Back in a trailer for Tiberium Wars: a television reporting Kane's death is switched Joseph Kucan.
    • Don't tell me this cutscene didn't give you goosebumps.
      "Well. What shall we talk about, hm? Your powerful GDI forces have been emasculated, and you yourself are a killer of children! Of course, it's not true, but the world only believes what the media tells them to believe... and I tell the media what to believe; it's really quite simple. But now that I know where you live, Commander, it's only a matter of time. Were I in your shoes, I would spend my last earthly hours... enjoying the world! Of course, if you wish, you can spend them fighting for a lost cause. But you know that you've lost."
      • Every time Kane taunts the GDI commander/player it is both awesome and terrifying.
    • Even canonically earlier, would be the end of the Soviet Campaign from the original Red Alert. To explain, up to this point the player had no reason to believe that there was any connection between Red Alert and Command & Conquer aside from the basic style of gameplay. There was, however, an apparently low-ranked bald-headed officer hanging out in the background of a lot of the Soviet cutscenes, but it was probably just a coincidence, right? Cue the ending cutscene. In the span of a few short moments the victory celebration changes as Nadia kills Stalin, then Nadia gets killed by that nameless henchman... yep, it's Kane, and you just set the stage for the Brotherhood's rise to power.
    • "Is that camera still running?!"
    • Kane's Wrath is one long CMOA, but that's understandable when you've got an entire expansion focusing on that most Magnificent of Magnificient Bastards. When Kane reveals that he deliberately engineered Redmond Boyle's survival because he knew he'd act as an Unwitting Pawn and use the Ion Cannon on Temple Prime, Kane's capacity for the Xanatos Gambit reaches incredible proportions.
      • Alexa Kovacs briefly tops that by revealing that she set up Killian Qatar for an attack by Nod forces on Temple Prime, temporarily leaving Kane speechless.
    • The intro cutscene to Kane's Wrath is, itself, a true CMOA for Kane himself. How awesome is this speech? Kane punctuates it with thunder and explosions.
      "Our enemies believe that we have been defeated, and that I am no longer among the living. They are gravely mistaken. You and I are all that remain, but all that is necessary. For together we shall raise a great army. Together, we shall show the world's downtrodden who the real enemy is! GDI promises them prosperity, but in the slums of Rio, the homeless and the hungry know the truth. They have been forgotten. They have nothing!....but their anger! We will take that spark and start a fire which will become a great conflagration! PEACE! THROUGH! POWER!!!!"
  • In Red Alert, any time Nadia makes tea (it's a long story). "Poison?! You BITCH!!"
    • Followed, of course, by "For the forseeable future... Comrade Secretary, I am the future."
  • Stavros' revenge on Stalin at the end of the Allied campaign in Red Alert. Cold is not the word.
  • The Ion Cannon, especially in Command & Conquer: Renegade. From the moment you activate it a light rain starts up out of nowhere as the atmosphere ionizes, columns of light swirl together over the target, and... BOOM, everyone dies.
  • Command And Conquer Generals: In the first mission of the USA campaign you see a group of Crusader tanks wiping the floor with a column of Iraqi scorpion tanks without a single loss. This is followed by another wave being slaughtered by Raptor jets. Yeah.
  • The Commando is pretty much a walking, talking Crowning Moment of Awesome all to himself.
    • The Soviet Cyborg Super Soldier Volkov from Red Alert didn't have such good lines, but was ludicrously badass, to the point where he made Tanya look weak. Yeah. He fought tanks. He fought Tanya. He fought a battleship. And he won.
      • The first mission you use him has he and his (also a cyborg) dog airdropped into a sea of explosive barrels. One Allied soldier sets them all off. Neither one is even scratched by the resulting explosions.
  • This troper has a soft spot for a certain cutscene in Command and Conquer: Renegade. Though the name of the level is elusive, it begins with a Nod commander ordering the immolation of several civilians. Needless to say this provokes a very pissed off, "REAL TOUGH GUY!?" from the player Commando who promptly snipes said commander in between the eyes.
    • Of course, this being a game based on the aforementioned Commando, there are tons of lines like that. Paraphrased example:
    Prisoner: "You're going up against an entire enemy ship by yourself?"
    Havoc: "Doesn't seem fair, does it? Maybe I'll shoot left-handed."
    • Earlier in the same level, two Nod soldiers are checking out the submarine int he ship's hold.
    Nod Soldier 1: "Check it out. It's one of those new subs!"
    Nod Soldier 2: "Impressive! Is it armed?"
    Havoc: (hops out out of the sub and shoots both of them in an instant with his pistol) "This one is!"
  • CMOA in music form: One of the themes is based around his Catch Phrase "I got a present for ya".
    • That catchphrase also formed the startup screen for the N64 port, in which the Commando blows up the N64 logo.
    • Also said by the equally badass Colonel Burton who can literally take a tank on himself, and beat it just by shooting his rifle at it.
  • Red Alert 3 features President Ackerman, a walking, talking CMOA. Ackerman's election campaign slogan? "Screw 'em all!" Vote for him, if you want to live.
    • His position on illegal immigration? Attack dogs! No walls, no permits, just dogs. Attack dogs!
    • "While the other candidates are serving special interests, I'm serving the Commies a steaming platter of shame, with a side order of suck it!"
    • He's so awesome that he's donating a pint of blood a week to the uninsured to make them indestructible.
    • "You can twist my words, but I can twist that knee until it pops!"
    • You want the real crowning moment? In the 2008 elections he actually received a fair few votes... in real life.
    • Ackerman actually takes it Up to Eleven after his Face–Heel Turn, when he goes from awesome to Crazy Awesome. How crazy? He turned Mount Rushmore into a giant supervillain lair armed with Death Rays and every other weapon of mass destruction you can think of... and no one even knew he had done so until he unveiled it.
  • "Is it done, Yuri?" "No, Comrade Premier... it has only begun."
  • While Tanya has definitely had some shining moments in her appearances, in the original Red Alert's Tanya has a CMOA in a mission where she's captured by the Soviets and presumably tortured. She manages, with the help of a spy, to escape captivity and kill an NKVD interrogater, while handcuffed to a chair.
  • Original Red Alert, Allied first level: rescue Albert freakin' Einstein. Tanya shows up laughing. She kills anything you point to. Einstein runs to safety. Cruisers show up. The Soviet base gets shelled into nothing. Battle over.
  • Any time the Desolator from Red Alert 2 opens his mouth.
    "It will be a silent spring!"
    "We will make an oasis of death!"
    "Make it GLOW!"
    "Tagged for extinction!"
    "There goes the neighbourhood"
    • Also the Chrono Legionnaire.
      "Already there!"
      "Never existed!"
  • Going by that, let's just say almost all the units in all the games. Special heart-warming win goes to the Avatar in C&C3, who speaks everything in a full-deadpan, evil Danger Deadpan voice.
    "Under control."
    "To dust."
    • And the Rhino Tank's epic declaration in Red Alert 2:
    "We will bury them!"
    • Which is utterly smoked by the Apocalypse Tank's new voice and quotes in Red Alert 3:
      "It is day of judgment"
      "Bringing down the hammer"
      "Taste your mortality"
      "The Apocalypse has begun"
      "Armageddon is here"
      "They will run in fear"
      "It will soon be a wasteland."
    • Then it gets completely totalled by the Pacfier FAV, which literally has 3 emotions, Total Confidence, Absolute Confidence and Totally Absolute Confidence.
      "Eliminate them"
      "Cripple them"
      "We'll put a stop to this"
      "Erase them"
      "They had their chance"
      "Put them down"
      "We have his name"
      "We'll put them to rest"
      "Watch as they buckle"
      "We will Settle this"
      "They won't matter soon"
      "We know who they are"
  • Tiberium Twilight has quickly become the black sheep of the franchise, but that doesn't mean it too doesn't have its share of CMOAs.
    • Notably, during the GDI campaign, is Colonel James' response to an impenetrable Nod defense: drop an entire GDI army on it from orbit.
    • And who could forget the Titan MKII voice?:
      "That's right, daddy is here now!"
      "I'm gonna crack some skulls!"
      "Bringing the pain!"
  • The beginning of GDI's first mission in Tiberian Sun shows GDI soldiers running in terror from Nod cyborgs screaming for reinforcements. Reinforcements who proceed to rain from the sky in drop pods, blasting the cyborgs to pieces and landing on their corpses.
  • And the last GDI cut scene in Tiberian Sun has the player character, Michael McNeil, going hand-to-hand with Kane himself in Nod's Pyramid Temple. They struggle, go off-camera, shots are fired, and Kane walks back into frame, still spouting his "I'm a close second to God" gibberish, leaving the player to think McNeil is dead. Then Kane chokes, checks himself, and realizes he's bleeding, turning just in time to see McNeil running up to stab him with a giant shard of Tiberium and send him to hell with a pithy one-liner.
    Kane: "I am the future! The Tiberian Sun has risen-!" (holds hands to chest, sees blood on fingers. Turns to see-)
    McNeil: "NOT ON MY WORLD!" (Stabs Kane. You see the Tiberium spike jutting out of Kane's back. McNeil twists the spike and Kane falls to the floor, quite dead.) "And that's an order."
  • CABAL gets a good one in Firestorm. In the Nod campaign, when you're trying to take CABAL's core offline It turns out the core is just a hologram, and CABAL starts launching waves of cluster missiles all over the map. The kicker: CABAL then taunts you with this line, "By the way, missile launch detected."
  • Red Alert 3's most awesome/funny sequence is a mission where all you get is a conscript and a war bear and you are told to go kill The Emperor of the Rising Sun.
    • And you succeed, although it's only a robotic duplicate. Still, it buys enough time for your army to show up.
  • During Yuriko Omega's mini-campaign in Uprising, she single-handedly a) destroys the Shiro Psychic Research facility, causing "many billions of yen" in damages; b) breaks out of cryo-prison and starts a riot among the Soviet and Imperial POWs that demolishes the entire camp, including two aircraft carriers, and c) comes back to Shiro, demolishes the place again despite their preparations, and caps the whole affair by taking down her Evil Twin "sister", Izumi.
  • The Mammoth tank's total confidence while being pitted against a alien freaking invasion
    Armor Superiority
    Flatten Them!
    Roll Over Them!
    Lets have some FUN!
    Close in!
  • GDI's leadership gets one in Tiberian Dawn, when they actually manage to trick Kane for once. Even better, they do it by taking advantage of one of Kane's plans.
  • The activation of Sonic Emitters in the GDI campaign of Tiberium Wars. Your powerful GDI force is on the run from the alien Scrin, and entire battalion of Mammoth Tanks are being destroyed in the background by the alien hordes while you are desperately fighting to evacuate a small group of scientists in buses with a small force of your own while the whole city is being torn apart. Your GDI troops flee across a river and an engineer reactivates the sonic grid meant to reclamate the area, not fight a war. The emitters power up, and you hear the trademark sound of TWIII sonic weapons firing... Cue Scrin units blowing up and essentially ending their ground pursuit of your forces, with soldiers shouting how powerful the emitters are in awe. That is one heck of an introduction to one heck of a base defense.
  • The opening Nod cutscene of Tiberian Sun has a nice bit:
    CABAL: A division of Hasan's Elite Guard is closing on our position. The probablility of a favorable outcome can be increased if we can return to your main base and engage the enemy as we move.
    Slavik: Define 'favorable outcome', CABAL.
    CABAL: They all die.
    Slavik: (entirely matter-of-fact) That'll do.
    • Likewise the GDI opening cut scene with Mc Neil (Michael Bihen) being commanded by Solomon (James Earl Jones,) aka Kyle Reese and Darth Vader. After Kane's appearance Solomon offers the best GDI jump jet soldiers to retake a base, already being dispatched from the Philadelphia space station as the Kodiak cuts a path across the atmosphere.
    Mc Neil: Let's kick some ass.
  • Just any particularly powerful unit will indeed sound badass.
  • GDI as a whole gets one in Tiberium Wars. After several decades of peace, Nod comes out of nowhere, destroys their main command center (with most of their civilian leaders), takes the Ion Cannons offline and invades every single Blue Zone simultaneously. GDI takes the hit, fights off the assault, gears up, and pushes Nod back deep into the Yellow Zones. Then the Liquid Tiberium Bomb goes off and it looks like they've won... until the Scrin arrive, attacking cities all over the planet. GDI fights them off, turns around and successfully invades Red Zones destroying all of the Scrin towers but one. Kane may have succeeded in his objectives, and the Scrin may have been able to retreat, but from on a tactical level, GDI crushed BOTH of them.