Awesome: Command & Conquer: Red Alert

  • Any time Nadia makes tea (it's a long story). "Poison?! You BITCH!!"
    • Followed, of course, by "For the foreseeable future... Comrade Secretary, I am the future."
  • Stavros' revenge on Stalin at the end of the Allied campaign. Cold is not the word.
  • The Commando is pretty much a walking, talking Crowning Moment of Awesome all to himself.
    • The Soviet Super Soldier in one of the expansion pack missions didn't have such good lines, but was ludicrously badass. He fought tanks. He fought Tanya. He fought a battleship. And he won.
      • The first mission you use him has he and his dog airdropped into a sea of explosive barrels. One Allied soldier sets them all off. He isn't even scratched by the resulting explosions.
    • The control voiceover in the first game does a great Danger Deadpan take on superweapon announcements that really make you go Oh, Crap when you're on the receiving end:
    A-Bomb prepping. A-Bomb launch detected.
    MAD Tank deploying.
  • Red Alert 3 features President Ackerman, a walking, talking CMOA. Ackerman's election campaign slogan? "Screw 'em all!" Vote for him, if you want to live.
    • His position on illegal immigration? Attack dogs! No walls, no permits, just dogs. Attack dogs!
    • "While the other candidates are serving special interests, I'm serving the Commies a steaming platter of shame, with a side order of suck it!"
    • He's so awesome that he's donating a pint of blood a week to the uninsured to make them indestructible.
    • "You can twist my words, but I can twist that knee until it pops!"
    • You want the real crowning moment? In the 2008 elections he actually received a fair few votes.
  • "Is it done, Yuri?" "No, Comrade Premier... it has only begun."
  • While Tanya has definitely had some shining moments in her appearances, in the original Red Alert's Tanya has a CMOA in a mission where she's captured by the Soviets and presumably tortured. She manages, with the help of a spy, to escape captivity and kill an NKVD interrogator, while handcuffed to a chair.
  • Original Red Alert, Allied first level: rescue Albert freakin' Einstein. Tanya shows up laughing. She kills anything you point to. Einstein runs to safety. Cruisers show up. The Soviet base gets shelled into nothing. Battle over.
  • Any time the Desolator from Red Alert 2 opens his mouth.
    "It will be a silent spring!"
    "We will make an oasis of death!"
    "Make it GLOW!"
    "Tagged for extinction!"
    "There goes the neighbourhood"
    • Also the Chrono Legionnaire.
      "Already there!"
      "Never existed!"
  • Going by that, let's just say almost all the units in all the games. Special heart-warming win goes to the Avatar in C&C3, who speaks everything in a full-deadpan, evil Danger Deadpan-type voice.
    "Under control."
    "I like."
    "I want that."
    "Pay up."
    "To dust."
    • And the Rhino Tank's epic declaration in Red Alert 2 (a reference to Nikita Khrushchev's famous rant at the United Nations):
    "We will bury them!"
    • Which is utterly smoked by the Apocalypse Tank's new voice and quotes in Red Alert 3 - all of which put the prior Apocalypse's voice to shame:
      "It is day of judgment"
      "Bringing down the hammer"
      "Taste your mortality"
      "The Apocalypse has begun"
      "Armageddon is here"
      "They will run in fear"
      And the return of the classic "We will BURY them!"
  • Red Alert 3's most awesome/funny sequence is a mission where all you get is a conscript and a war bear and you are told to go kill The Emperor of the Rising Sun.
    • And you succeed, although it's only a robotic duplicate. Still, it buys enough time for your army to show up.
  • During Yuriko Omega's mini-campaign in Uprising, she single-handedly a) destroys the Shiro Psychic Research facility, causing "many billions of yen" in damages; b) breaks out of cryo-prison and starts a riot among the Soviet and Imperial POWs that demolishes the entire camp, including two aircraft carriers, and c) comes back to Shiro, demolishes the place again despite their preparations, and caps the whole affair by taking down her Evil Twin "sister", Izumi.

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