Awesome / Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Red Alert 1

  • That moment early in the Soviet campaign, during a briefing for the campaign into Germany. Nadia and Gradenko are arguing their cases before Stalin, then they both go silent and look away nervously as a bald, goateed advisor in a simple business suit steps forward to whisper into Stalin's ear - wait, is that Kane?! It's the point in the Command & Conquer series where Kane went from a charismatic terrorist leader to something much more dangerous.
  • Any time Nadia makes tea (it's a long story). "Poison?! You BITCH!!"
  • Followed, of course, by "For the foreseeable future... Comrade Secretary, I am the future."
  • Stavros' revenge on Stalin at the end of the Allied campaign. Cold is not the word.
  • The Soviet Super Soldier in one of the expansion pack missions didn't have such good lines, but was ludicrously badass. He fought tanks. He fought Tanya. He fought a battleship. And he won. The first mission you use him has he and his dog airdropped into a sea of explosive barrels. One Allied soldier sets them all off. He isn't even scratched by the resulting explosions.
  • The control voiceover does a great Danger Deadpan take on superweapon announcements that really make you go Oh, Crap! when you're on the receiving end:
    A-Bomb prepping. A-Bomb launch detected.
    MAD Tank deploying.
  • While Tanya has definitely had some shining moments in her appearances, in the original game Tanya has a mission where she's captured by the Soviets and presumably tortured. She manages, with the help of a spy, to escape captivity and kill an NKVD interrogator, while handcuffed to a chair.
  • Allied first level: rescue Albert freakin' Einstein. Tanya shows up laughing. She kills anything you point to. Einstein runs to safety. Cruisers show up. The Soviet base gets shelled into nothing. Battle over.