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Season Seven

  • Leonard having fun ''on his own'' in the season premiere.
  • Sheldon figuring out the riddle in the comic store first, despite being the last one to arrive and read it. To make clear the scale of this, he figured out the correct answer in ten seconds flat, getting it long before every one else, even Amy. Once again, it's nice to see him showing, that yes, he really is that smart. Compounded when he reads the map coordinates for a few moments, says "got it", and then actually GETS TO USE the bowling ball he had brought along.
  • Amy telling off Sheldon for embarrassing her in front of her colleagues. Then, Leonard and Penny explicitly saying that Amy is right and Sheldon is wrong.
  • In "The Romance Resonance", Howard plans out an event to celebrate the anniversary of his and Bernadette's first date, recruiting everyone to help out with an elaborate musical number he wrote himself. When their plans went sideways because Bernadette was quarantined over a mishap at work (exposure to a raccoon virus), he didn't miss a beat and they migrated over to the hospital, with him singing to her playing a keyboard and the rest providing back-up as she watched and listened through a window. The song ends up being awesome, heartwarming, and hilarious all at the same time.
  • Penny gives Lucy her long overdue "The Reason You Suck" Speech, calling her out for treating Raj like shit. She even explicitly calls her "a bad person" to her face.
  • Regardless of how cruel he was, Sheldon's plan to teach Leonard a lesson in what its like to have OCD was awesome. He managed to manipulate his best friend into torturing himself and drove him to brink of the edge, all while barely lifting a finger. For a guy whose villainous roles are generally somewhere between a petty prankster and Egomaniac control freak, watching him play a Magnificent Bastard was awesome, and finally proved Leonard was right when he claimed he was just one "Lab Accident away from becoming a supervillain."
  • Leonard outsmarting Sheldon and forcing him to admit that change is good by pointing out that the only reason Sheldon has his spot, which he loves, is because Leonard bought the couch and changed the apartment. Sheldon had no come back for that.
    • Sheldon also gets one at the end of the same episode by managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. After they've already bought the table and are sitting around it about to eat (except him and Amy, who are still in their regular places), he manages to successfully get them to all come back, simply by playing on the girls' sympathy and subtly guilt tripping them by reminiscing over happy memories that they will never have again.

Season Eight

  • Howard proves, finally proves, that he's just as smart as any one of the guys despite not having a doctorate.
  • Raj chews out Sheldon for abandoning him in the steam tunnel, calling Sheldon a physical and moral coward. Notably Sheldon doesn't disagree with him.
  • The same episode, the girls decide to take a trip to Vegas. While you'd expect Penny to get drunk (as usual), but she refuses to take one sip of booze. Even when the girls go to a strip club, Penny just spends the time studying. For the resident party girl, that's impressive.
  • In "The Intimacy Acceleration," Leonard, Amy, Raj, and Emily buy tickets to a "real escape game" (an actual type of entertainment that are basically real-life versions of online room escape games). The quartet is locked in a faux-scientific laboratory (complete with a zombie!) and told that they must solve challenging puzzles to find the key and escape. They proceed to do this in six minutes flat. It just goes to show that for as nerdy as these characters are, they're all extremely smart.
    • It's also notable for being one of the first episodes where Emily gets to join the group in an activity that shows off her own intelligence, proving that she fits right in with them.
    • The zombie's desperation really corks it. He's never seen anyone escape so quickly, and throughout the puzzle is begging them to slow down, trying to deceive them into thinking they're wrong, and as they leave is reduced to pleading that they remember their advanced degrees before they write a negative critique of the game.
  • The first (and probably last) meeting of Mary Cooper and Beverly Hoffstadter. Leonard's mother has ever been a source of dread to the core group, save Sheldon, and can, at will, reduce most individuals to a blubbering mess of emotion. By contrast, Mary Cooper, though Innocently Insensitive at times, is much beloved by the group, and was not only able to hold her own in an argument with Beverly Hoffstadter, but caused the career psychologist to reevaluate her approach to parenting, while all she managed to do to Mrs. Cooper in return was cause her to lament that she hadn't been a better Christian.
  • Though very sad, Amy's decision to take a break from her and Sheldon's relationship can count as one total for her growth. It's been mostly all take and no give on the part of Sheldon and Amy makes it clear that his actions and behavior really hurt her and that she's not letting him get away with that.
  • In "The Troll Acceleration", Leonard and Sheldon's theory has been released online to general acclaim, bar a single Troll who ridicules them on a personal level as well as academically. They work up the courage to confront the troll, who calls them up on Skype... turns out it's Stephen Hawking, in his second onscreen appearance in the show after appearing only in "voiceover" on a few occasions, who was just messing with them and thinks their theory is great. The greatest mind on the planet thinks that Leonard and Sheldon are onto something—it doesn't get more awesome than that.

Season Nine

  • The first episode has Amy deliver "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sheldon before breaking up with him after he asserts she shouldn't keep being single and childless at her age. This is enough to upset him and shock him.
  • Wil's audacity in dressing up like Spock at opening night of The Force Awakens. On another level, the fact that he sees it as just a movie, reminding the guys that the world will keep on turning whether the movie is good or bad.
  • In the end, the awesomeness of the movie reduces Leonard, Howard, and Raj to puddles.
  • Let us not forget the massive and epic Shout-Out to Star Wars with THIS opening.
  • For a first-timer, Sheldon is apparently very, very proficient in bed, as Amy's expression can only be described as grinning ear to ear in stunned silence.
    • Well he did have Penny tell him what girls like.

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