Awesome / Rayman Origins

  • The game itself. After several games of nothing but the Rabbids, seeing Rayman get an awesome co-op platformer again is a true achievement for Ubisoft.
  • Every single Chest Chase level. No matter how hard they are, these levels are BEAUTIFULLY crafted and smooth flowing epic chases that leave a feeling of amazing accomplishment when you finish them.
    • Chasing the Magician also counts. Everything is falling from the sky, but you and your pals have no problem using whatever's left of the bastard's mechanical empire to catch him.
  • The Land of the Livid Dead. The fact that you have to complete the other chest chase levels first shows just how hard this will be. And it's worth it. Platforming through smooth levels of dead lands, spiked plants and undead grannies leading to an intense final boss, all with epic Mexican music, leaves you feeling like a badass by the end.
  • The Moskito levels. Aside from the fact that you're taking on armies while riding on flying mosquitoes, you're also listening to some of the games' best music.
    • Two in particular: Fire When Wetty, purely because of the music and the marathon shooting throughout the seas and the final battle.
  • Between this and Crowning Moment of Funny... Every level played with four players. Come on.