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Fridge: Rayman
  • Fridge Horror: The 'Wanna Kick Rayman?' shorts for Rayman 3 are full of this. Assuming the footage is canon, Andre had his henchmen round up helpless animals, rip off their fur (if any), dress them up as Rayman and kill them in various ways for amusement. Some of them are rather cruel too. One involves frying a slug from the inside using a battery that's inserted through the back end.
    • Most of the other ones are a little more family friendly, with more slapstick style deaths. With the exception of 273, where one of the creatures gets beaten to death with a hammer, causing one of his eyes to shoot out of its socket and hit the camera lens.
    • Don't forget the bit at the beginning of each clip: 'A collection of 547 lessons on VHS and DVD' of these experiments, one lesson per tape or disc. Considering that each episode lasts less than a minute, and considering a DVD can fit about 3 hours of footage...
    • In short, the hoodlums likely committed genocide on at least 3 species in Rayman's world, maybe more, if there are other species featured in the unseen episodes.

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