Awesome / Raving Rabbids

  • Although its annoying that the Rabbids kept stepping on Rayman for so long, they were quite glorious about it. Michel Ancel drew them on a whim when there was no antagonist for the second Rayman 4 platformer project. When announcing it, he makes it sound like they are taking over a project that had nothing to do with them and that they planned this since the first Rayman game. The Rabbids then proceeded to kick Ancel's ass on a commercial, turned the platformer into a minigame collection and stole the spotlight from Rayman so hard that it became their own series instead.
  • All the Incredible but stupid mini-games from Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party have to be the definitive Crowning Momentof Awesome for the Rabbids series. Think about it, you're a Rabbid wearing a daredevil helmet, who was shot out of a cannon and suring in space, and you're flying through rings of fire, travelling through portals. All while a heavy metal song plays in the background. It doesn't get any more awesome than this.
  • Although not as well-received or popular as other entries in the Rabbids series , Rabbids: Alive and Kicking is this for many obsessive fans. The fact that the main concept of the game revolves around you, the player, coming face-to-face with the Rabbids for the first time, is enough to satisfy anyone who adores the Rabbids.
    • What makes this game even more awesome is the story itself. You, the player, a random person sitting in the living room playing video games, are the Earth's greatest line of defense against an invasion of psychotic rabbits.
    • The mini-game Inner Journey where you explore the inside of a Rabbid's body for the first time.
    • Rabbid Zilla is the only boss battle in the game, and it is epic.
  • The Star Cheap Discovery mini-games from Rabbids Land. Especially the selection of songs you can play.
  • In the sixth volume for the Rabbids comic book series, there is a gag where a Rabbid appears to be building a time-travelling device, but is mocked by two scientists, who believe he is just as dumb as the rest of the Rabbids. But when the Rabbid presses the button on the device, it actually works, and thus, the entire gag starts all over again.