Awesome / Fate/Apocrypha

  • The Prologue: Fake Black Saber vs Red Saber, unleashing their Noble Phantasms.
    Twilight and crimson lightning raced out and crashed into each other. The two streams of light, like surging waves with simply the purpose of destruction, attempted to swallow one another. It was the most unlikely scene possible in the history written by man. It was a clash of two deadly Noble Phantasms, from two heroes who were born in different eras and flourished in different lands. Light filled the space and annihilated everything in the surrounding area. The golems and skeletons crowding around them were overcome and faded into dust.

    Everyone who witnessed this majestic, unrelenting scene swallowed their breath. The space filled with Red and orange seemed as though it was declaring the end of the world. However, all stories must have an end. The light that had only swelled began to calm, and disappeared like specks of dust. The ground where the two had stood was a tragic sight to behold.

    Imagine a butterfly spreading its wings. Such a mark had been carved into the ground. It was the trace of an explosion, so enormous it could be seen even from far up in the sky. How many would be able to believe that such a trace was left behind by the slash of a sword? It was certain that a new legend had been born today on this land. The impossible clash between the legendary holy sword and the anomalous demonic sword gouged out the earth.

  • Karna's first battle with Siegfried is this in spades, with both parts being tough enough to have the fight that started in the middle of the night last to daybreak.
    • Karna deserves a special mention here. While Karna was capable of wounding Siegfried (albeit lightly, and those wounds were quickly healed by Gordes), Siegfried was utterly incapable of doing anything but barely scratching Karna's armor.
  • Astolfo saving the Homunculus from death, even fluking out his would-be captors and bringing him to Chiron, who heals him.

  • Vlad III and Darnic's fused form taking on SIX SERVANTS on their own and basically forcing a draw. This is even more amazing when considering the fact that Vlad III had just lost his Romanian fame-boost and the advantages that Demonic Defender of the State brought. There was also the fact that the six Servants in question were being empowered by Jeanne herself.
  • Mordred and Sieg crumbling Avicebron's Adam with a dual Wave Motion Sword attack in the form of a simultaneous Balmung and Clarent Blood Arthur.
  • Shirou Kotomine being able to spar with Achilles.