Awesome / The Familiar of Zero

  • Saitou in the first season when he one shots the golem that multiple mages couldn't defeat and he does it using the "Staff Of Destruction", which is actually a LAW, a.k.a. Light Antitank Weapon.
  • Saito using the Zerosen to single-handedly wipe out Reconquista's entire dragon army.
  • Saitou goes alone against up against an army of 70,000 bloodthirsty, berserk soldiers, held them off for four Goddamn hours by himself.'' On top of that, he didn't kill a single enemy, only knocked them unconscious.
  • Saito pulling a gun on Sheffield and King Joseph.
  • One does not simply walk into Mordor. Only Saitou does!
  • Just over two years after author Noboru Yamaguchi's passing, it was announced that, after years in limbo, the series will finally see its long-awaited completion. That's right, Yamaguchi is finishing the series from beyond the grave. Granted, he's getting help from still-living editors, but still!