Heartwarming / Fate/Apocrypha

  • Fiore and Chiron's first meeting.
  • Astolfo saving Homunculus from death at the hands of his would-be Homunculi captors, then bringing him to Chiron's room, where Chiron heals him. When Chiron asks him why, he simply answers "Because I could" with a big smile.
  • Astolfo's speech to Saber of Black, followed by Siegfried's sacrifice.
    "We took form in this world to have our wishes granted... but that doesn't mean we can just accept anything that happens! Have you forgotten how to be a hero?! I haven't! I am Servant Rider... but I was Charlemagne's paladin, Astolfo! And I won't abandon him! I won't!"
  • Sieg carrying a starving Jeanne on his back until they find a place to eat, and then having a moment of Sleep Cute on the same bed... Which they both fall off of.
  • Shirou Kotomine innocently dreaming of his past, sleeping on Semiramis's lap.
  • Pretty much any interaction between Shisigou and Mordred, as they quickly pick up a very endearing father/daughter dynamic.
  • During the massive free-for-all between the Black and Red Factions, Sieg shows up to the battlefield and spends some time bandaging a few of the surviving homunculi. Considering the fact almost everyone, including the homunculi themselves, see them as expendable troops makes this moment a very humanizing moment for Sieg, who's only trying to impart some of the mercy he received from Astolfo and Siegfried to his fellows.
    • When he sees Astolfo in trouble with the Red Faction, Sieg wants to help him, but hesitates because his original goal was to save his fellow Homunculi. They encourage him go save Astolfo because he's free to do so.
  • Even though Mordred and Sieg aren't friends, you can't helped be amazed at how Mordred readily defended Sieg by chopping Astolfo's Master's head off for forcing her Servant to harm a homonculus who was basically a child. As a victim of child abuse, Mordred knew that experience all too well and won't let it be thrusted upon anyone, not even her enemies.
  • When it seems that Astolfo will disappear with the death of Celenike, Sieg decides to form a contract with the one who rescued him from imprisonment.
  • The relationships that grow between Masters and Servants.
    • Mordred had a rough life with a manipulative mother and her father who practically shunned her. Thankfully, when Kairi summons Mordred, he treats like a daughter. Mordred would stop fighting and made sure her Master was safe.
    • Frankenstein's Monster was abandoned by her creator. Her Master, Caules does what her creator never would: treating her as a person.
    • Despite its disturbing nature, Jack the Ripper has a mother after a long and bloodstained search.
  • The interactions between Caules and Chiron look like a those of guy getting along with his sister's boyfriend.
  • Jeanne is clearly touched when Sieg says he's worried about both her and Leticia, the girl she's possessing.
  • In a flashback, Atalanta was shown to be a loyal servant to Caster.
  • Karna lives up his epithet "Hero of Charity". Despite not being linked with his original Master, he asked Caules to save the original Masters anyway, before he goes on to commence an all out battle against Sieg for the sake of his warrior pride, regardless of his 'fake' status. Though he was actually defeated not with Sieg's power alone, but Astolfo carrying Achilles' Noble Phantasm (so technically it's 3 vs 1), he still commended his opponents as he perished standing up with a smile while bleeding his mouth. Even Astolfo had to commend him... and he still denied credit.
  • After discarding his Noble Phantasm to Astolfo which was then used to help defeat Karna, Achilles, knowing that his immortality has been deprived due to his fight against Chiron, goes to interrupt the battle between Jeanne and Atalanta for one reason: He wanted to set Atalanta straight after her fall to madness. It's clear that he really cared about her. They ended up doing a Mutual Kill, but Achilles was satisfied with the results: Atalanta recovered to her usual calm self before dying.