Awesome / Drowtales

  • Quain'tana and the other Val'Sarghress, all of whom are battle tested vets, glaring down on Syphile in this page.
  • Kiel's one word response to Sene'kha's Deal with the Devil: "No."
  • Diva'ratrika also got one in the Longest Wait prequel when after learning that three of her daughters had betrayed her she released a blast of mana that knocks an entire building on the cavern ceiling to the ground. It didn't do much good in the long run, but the sheer "Holy Shit!" Quotient of that scene is something else.
  • Syphile's Calling the Old Man Out while held at sword point by Quain'tana. It's pretty much the only time Syphile ever stood up against someone more powerful than her.
  • Vaelia gets one in one of her first appearances. Jer'kol is trying to convince Ariel that he's her father to lure her to him, but Vaelia, sensing that something is wrong, kicks him in the face and then blocks his sword with the chains on her hands. He manages to hit her, but this clearly established Vaelia as a Badass Normal in a universe where humans are low on the power totem pole.
  • Kyo'nne had largely been The Chick, until she shows that she beat up a human with a frying pan after they snuck up on her. It happened offscreen, but it still shows significant Character Development for her.
  • Chiri's epic beatdown of the Halme King who had been murdering elves to bathe in their blood. Even people who generally dislike Chiri's Knight Templar attitude were cheering when she decided to Kill It with Fire.
    • This moment gets a glorious sequel in Chapter 44, with Chiri pulling a one-woman Big Damn Heroes, holding a massive fireball over her head.
      Chiri: I have answered your call to arms. Where is the enemy?
  • Ariel finishing Jer'Kol off was so awesome that it required a full page for one panel.
  • Sanduar coming to the rescue here and defeating a former mercenary here
  • The Balvhakara clan gained several fans when their troops turned up to join the Sharen forces against Balsii's coup piloting a giant crab golem.
  • Kiel turning down a compromise when trying to hijack the clan.
    I'd be insane to refuse! But then again, ain't I a Val of Vloz'ress?! We breed insanity.
  • Chapter 38 is a good showing for Ariel. First she helps deactivate a nether gate with her bare hands and then swoops down so she can get close enough to disable the metal melting gun, again with her bare hands and while chewing the Scourge out for what they've done to the civilians. To top it of, she successfully rallied the commoners who were reluctant to attack the Vloz'ress out of fear to take them on so the attacking Vloz can be defeated. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why she deserves to be the Sarghress heir.
    • Crossbow Lady, an unnamed commoner, who shoots Maki with her crossbow and pulls off her one line in the series, which is amazingly awesome.
    " Get out of my street. Punks."
    • Sarnel also has one because he kept chasing Maki around the sewers and didn't stop until he was unconscious due to getting hit by fire one time too many. Determinator clearly runs in the Sarghress/Tions family.
  • Kiel's reaction to Khaless' Breaking Speech about how they're Not So Different, which involves Flipping the Bird with both hands. Then her demon friends (who accurately depict the fans' reaction) respond in turn.
  • Ariel calling out her fellow soldiers for their disgraceful behaviour in Chapter 40 over here. Even though she's come to realize that the Sarghress aren't perfect, she's still willing to fight for the ideals the clan represents. And she manages to defuse the situation by offering the slaves her freedom in exchange for helping them take back the district, proving that what she learned from Vaelia stuck with her.
    • Later in the chapter she successfully assassinates Nihi'liir while disguised. Besides the entire infiltration being quite impressive and showing the growth of her abilities, this kill was especially satisfying since the victim was an Alpha Bitch par none.
  • Shinae by virtue of the fact that she's even up and walking after the horrific birth she went through the previous chapter, even if it requires a walking cane and medical attendant. As if that wasn't enough, she then goes on to curb stomp Ariel in two seconds flat after Ariel had spent the chapter building up her badass credentials.
  • Kyuusei's Evil Gloating about how the Kyorl are an obedient people promptly gets disproven by one who disobeys and helps free those Kyorl targeted as part of The Purge. Suck it, Kyuusei.
    • And shortly after He gets stabbed and then chucked out a window onto a very sharp statue that represents purges in the main courtyard, by the very people he intended to use as a Red Herring. Fifty points to the Order of Twin Eyes for sheer style.
  • Quain'tana has been up to a lot, with brief glimpses of what she's been doing, but hasn't actually appeared fully on panel after the timeskip. Until now.
  • In Chapter 43, Faen finally plucks up her courage, walks up to Ariel and kisses her full on the mouth.
  • Filfrae goes out like a true Sarghress when she and her squad are being sadistically executed by Snadhya's airship. Besides barely reacting to her own hand dangling by a thread off her wrist after the first hit and being more concerned by the gruesome sight of what's happened to her companions, when she sees the ship powering up for round 2 her only reaction is to attempt to shield their youngest member, who's still alive, and actually manages to save her at the cost of her own life.
  • In chapter 46, Zhor, whose body is still so weak he needs a wheelchair, pins down Kalki after she chops off Ariel's arm.
  • "A Sarghress does NOT steal from her fellow soldiers! She stands on her own two feet!" (proceeds to do exactly that with a freshly severed arm) To put this in perspective, Ariel had just been abruptly and brutally crippled barely a few minutes ago. Yet even though she's in shock, severe pain, and is probably frightened out of her wits, she still has the strength of will to reject an opportunity to become whole again at the cost of her fellow soldier. Now that is loyalty towards oneís ideals.
  • Kalki hunts, mocks, and torments Ariel and her friends with impunity throughout much of chapter 46, and takes the opportunity to rub their helplessness in their faces once itís clear she has the upper hand. She then launches an attack that cannot be blocked by any means known to Drowkind right at Arielís face. Ariel stops the attack dead in its tracks with one of Kalkiís own minions, and proceeds to kick Kalkiís ass even though sheís unarmed and crippled.
    • It's worth mentioning that the attack Kalki used had previously worked perfectly against one of the oldest and most powerful empresses in Chel's history. When the exact same attack was used on Ariel, she improvised a perfect defense on the spot, without even blinking.
    • The fistfight with Kalki is even more impressive when you learn that, according to the author, Ariel wasn't even aware that she could use her "hair trick" before she tried it right then; she took on an adversary way above her class using tactics and skills she had never used before, and damn near won.
  • A double whammy on one page. First, Lulianne stabs herself with her katana rather than be forced by Snadhya'rune and Khaless to kill Mikilu, the last surviving Val of her clan. And then Erelice takes advantage of the confusion this causes to stab Snadhya'rune in the back as payback for what happened to her squad.
  • Sarnelís triumphant return on page 130. He beats the snot out of the minion that had been hounding him and his team for the last few months (real time), and makes his entrance by chucking her more than a dozen feet into the room. Even being near death can't stop Shala from beaming at him.
  • "You took my arm. I'm taking yours".
    • This is the first time an otherwise callous, supremely arrogant Kalki has shown even the slightest trace of fear, and she looks about ready to soil her pants.
    • Then, once the deed is done and Kalki starts ranting about how she's not going to let Ariel take her place, Ariel responds by smashing her head into the wall with her foot. Hot damn that's satisfying.
    • It becomes even MORE satisfying when you remember all the terrible things Kalki has done in the past, including taking part in the Nidra'chaal war that her own mother engineered, killing off several members of her own family including the children of her aunts Sil'lice and Nishi'kanta Val'Sharen, and stabbing quite a few beloved characters In the Back.
  • The chapter's CMOA's just keep coming. Left without a body thanks to Lulianne's Heroic Sacrifice, Khaless looks for a new host, and seems to settle on Riz'riia, handcuffed and frozen while the guards run away... only to be distracted by Ere'lice, broken and possibly dying already from Snadhya's attack, flipping off Cthulhu and taunting the powerful demon into targeting her instead, in order to spare her clanmate being eaten and let her escape.
  • Snadhya may be an amoral narcissist, but she has enough competence, foresight, and cleverness to vindicate her arrogance. A fine example of this is the end of chapter 46, where she slaughters Kalki with a summoning stone casually plucked off of her crown, averting the Archnemesis Dad trope before it even had a chance to happen. She had probably created the stone years in advance, just for that situation.
  • In chapter 47, Quainítana finds herself being faced down by a 50ft golem with a 152mm cannon pointed right at her face; an extremely rare, impressive, and intimidating weapon within this comicís setting. Her response? ďIím fine with this. War is what weíre good at.Ē Her reputation (in universe and out) of being an implacable badass is very well deserved.
    • Zala'ess gets one herself when Quain looms over her both figuratively and literally and Zala doesn't bat an eye. Sure, Zala may technically be an antagonist but it's easy to see why she still has plenty of fans.
    • Quain'tana responds with a Shut Up, Hannibal! using only two fingers and making it perfectly clear she's not falling for Zala's bullshit.
    • Also it turns out both of them were putting on an act for the others, and drop it as soon as everyone's out of there so they can get down to the real negotiations. For both Quain, who's often compared to a gorilla and treated as if she's incapable of intrigue, and Zala to play along and not break character despite the pain and humiliation is awesome for both of them. And the mech thing above? That was essentially Quain calling their bluff, realizing there's no way they'd actually fire since it would take out all of them.
  • Credit where it is due; as creepy, legitimately horrifying, and crazy as Kharla may be, the fact that she ate a nether god for lunch in chapter 47 was nothing short of astounding.
  • Sabrror defied his taint for so many years that, when his demon finally takes over as he breaks free of Kharla'ggen's control, it retains some of his personality as he yells for Zala'ess to run.
    • Hell, just being able to defy Kharla's influence is incredible. For context, the aura of most Drow can be describes as a candle, while Kharla's is a sea. Resisting her control shouldn't even qualify as futile, yet Sabrror powers through her influence and the demon eating his soul simultaneously.
    • In the next strip he follows this up by tackling a demon-possessed dragon that was about to devour Zala.
  • Of the three Sharen sisters, Zala was the youngest, and also the weakest. While Snadhya was a master of the Mana arts, and Sarv excelled as a skilled warrior, Zala's only talent was a silver tongue. When she was mobbed by a horde of brainwashed elite warriors in chapter 47, and receives a stab wound from Shinae in her heavily pregnant belly, no one expected her to survive. Zala, however, refuses to put up with that nonsense. She summons a mana shield (the gemstones adorning her outfit are really mana foci) and uses it offensively, blasting a dozen veteran soldiers into the air, and clocks Shinaein the jaw hard enough to lay her flat on the ground, all while the knife is still stuck in her belly. It turns out that her "pregnancy" was faked; childbearing is an enormous status symbol in Drow society, and thanks to Snadhya, all the other Sharen are having trouble conceiving. The deception was still convincing enough to fool a dedicated assassin, and doubtlessly saved her life.
    • Even after surviving the above attempt, she's still alone, surrounded, and under assault by every other Drow in the city. Having received no training as a warrior, and with no other Mana spells available, what does she do? She takes on the whole horde by herself with the same knife the assassin nearly murdered her with.
  • Quain'tana charging into a crowd of Kharla-controlled drow to save Zala'ess from being killed in chapter 47. What makes this an awesome moment for this troper is that in previous chapters, Quain had been thinking of nothing but wiping the Vel'Sharen off of Chel's map completely. To see her putting aside her own feelings regarding Zala, a Vel'Sharen, to save her instead of trying to cut her down as usual is quite an impressive Character Development moment indeed.
  • Moments before Kiel can be consumed by a demon, Buried Alive, and tossed of a cliff (in that order), Nau pulls her away from the Naal Demon and proceeds to drag the kicking, screaming girl (who's almost a head taller than him) out of the collapsing Vloz fortress. Word of God confirms that hauling Kiel to safety severely hindered his own escape, and damn near got him killed during the final jump to safety, but he refused to leave her behind regardless of his personal safety.
  • The Sharen and Sarghress forces get a collective moment in chapter 47, when the demon-god manifests. Possessing powers and abilities that can wipe out whole armies, easily hundreds of feet tall, and indestructible via conventional means, counter-attacking it is tantamount to suicide. Yet even after being blindsided and badly outmatched, the Drow refuse to be intimidated, and strike back en-masse. Retreat wasnít even considered.
    Soldier 1: Our job is to seal that motherkiller!
    Soldier 2: I think that thing might be too big for our stones...
    Soldier 1: I don't want to hear doubt. We do this! WE are the hunters!
  • And they win! With the demon god dissipating into mist, ie dying of exhaustion!
  • Kiel does not disappoint either. She gives a truly awesome "Reason You Suck" Speech while literally flipping off Chtulhu using both hands! Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? Yes! She! Did!
  • Chapter 48 starts out slow, and it looks like the Belds are doomed thanks to Snad's poison. But, guess what happens? Waes, of all people gets some serious Character Development, does things she never would have normally even considered, and single-handedly saved the vast majority of her clan that survived the developments of chapter 47 by defeating the poisoner without killing her, and welcoming the hated Jaal into the clan territory for their expertise. And banishing the servants at the beginning of the chapter? It saved their lives because it protected them from being infected! All due to the fact that she listened to the one servant she initially threw out herself, because he was resourceful enough to find her hiding spot where she goes to think, and rather than try to assassinate her, pleads his case rationally. Bad Ass. Oh, and she gives a metaphorical third finger to Snad too, by sending the critically infected to Felde, with her blessings.
    "Few and sickly? Snad will not be pleased."
  • Chapter 49 introduced Anahid Kyorl'Solenurn, a Wide-Eyed Idealist and Shimi'lande's chosen successor as clan Ill'harass. She quickly garnered a fanbase by showing that Good Is Not Nice - when Tab'irrie, a stable boy, denounces her as a heretic for declaring that being tainted is not a sin, Anahid soundly humiliates Tab'ierre by revealing he betrayed Shimi'lande at the request of a Judicator by preventing Petri'cho, a clan servant, from delivering Shimi'lande's last wishes, which led to Petri'cho being tortured, tainted, and exiled, in that order. In front of everyone who was listening.
  • She then goes on to tell off Snadhyarune!
    Snad:"So. Will you forgive me?"
    Anahid:"If you truly seek forgiveness, seek it from your own kin. Those that still live."
  • Chapter 50 should be called "the birth of Quainzilla." This is where Quain goes to show that there is truth to her Living Legend status. She responds to being grabbed by her guards and restrained so a "healer," who was assimilated by Khaless can inject her with an unknown susbtance, without Quain's consent, by ripping the needle out of her arm, stabbing it into an eye of one of the troops restraining her, smashing the head of the so-called healer into a table that would have killed any normal drow, and then rampaging to her grandkids, where she hears that someone is trying to kill them from Faen, who has earned her trust. When the troops continue to try to seize, restrain and corall her, trying to drag her back to the healing tent "for sedation," she responds by tearing through an entire army to go after Su'ube, whom she has more than ample reason to believe is responsible for it, being entombed, stabbed, grabbed by golems, walked through flames, was shot repeatedly and still was just one sword swing away from finally taking down Su'ube, her body only failing after her sword did.
    • Ariel goes on to top her by pulling a Big Damn Heroes and shaming the mob with a Rousing Speech, to Su'ube's infernal frustation.
    • And then Quain'tana tops that, by pulling on one last draw of Heroic Resolve to get up and grab Su'ube and break her neck as the latter stabs her through with a sword. This seems to have finally killed her, but she got her wish to take out her most distrusted underling, by damn.
  • Faen almost single-handedly saves the lives of Pup and the baby- sadly she arrived too late for Vene- despite suffering a head injury from one of the armed soldier attackers, first with her empathy melting the brain of one and hampering the other, and at the same time, her uncontrolled empathy alerts Jiv'kyn to arrive as backup, though he's hardly needed as Faen proceeds to beat the other soldier to death with a shield shortly after his arrival.
  • Chapter 51. Ariel has apparently learned a thing or two from Shinae as she comes to Kau's rescue literally both descending on the battlefield like a bird of prey and blowing the Hermione attackers who were going to stab him through the golem's visors away, just to have every faction currently in Machike rally to her side!
  • Faen proves how much she's worked on her empathic skills over the years. Note to anybody trying to use insecurity, anxiety and fear to beat her down: she can and will trump you. She knows them better than you do.