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Awesome: Brock Lesnar


  • Having a stare down with all the members of the n.W.o in a backstage segment.
  • Defeating The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 to become the youngest WWE Champion in history (at 25 years old), a record he still holds to this very day. note 
  • Defeating The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at No Mercy 2002.
  • His Stretcher match with The Big Show at WWE Judgment Day 2003.
  • The day when Brock superplexed The Big Show, leading to the ring collapsing, is still one of the most memorable moments from WWE Smackdown.
  • Although he lost the match, Brock held his own in a 3-on-1 handicap match against The Big Show and The World's Greatest Tag Team during a 2003 edition of Smackdown!.
  • Generally most of his matches with Kurt Angle throughout 2003.
    • Their WrestleMania XIX main-event match. While it became infamous for Brock's botched Shooting-Star press, the entire match was nonetheless awesome.
    • Their Iron Man match on the September 18 edition of Smackdown! which won PWI's 2003 match of the year award.
  • He's Back. The day after WrestleMania 28, Lesnar interrupts John Cena's promo, and hits the F-5 on Cena, and in Michael Cole's words, "drastically changed the landscape of the WWE."
  • The next week on Raw, Lesnar gets into a fight with Cena at the top of the show, and manages to land a punch hard enough to make Cena bleed from the mouth.
  • One of his finishing moves in OVW was the SHOOTING STAR PRESS. There's a guy like Evan Bourne doing that...and then there's Brock freaking Lesnar doing that. Death from Above, anyone?
    • Not to mention the fact that when Brock did it he was able to fly halfway across the fucking ring.
    • Speaking of which, the botched SSP mentioned above? Brock flew halfway across the ring that time as well. He only missed it because he placed Kurt Angle a bit too far from the corner he jumped from, and even then he was able to barely graze Kurt.
  • His return match at Extreme Rules 2012 that was a 20-minute No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Cena, busting him open (hardway) 30 seconds in with elbow strikes, doling out stiff clotheslines, chaining Cena's feet together and dumping him upside down off the turnbuckle, wiping Cena's blood on his chest then tasting it, even laughing off a knee injury when taking a nasty spill outside. Although he came up short, there was no denying Brock still had a badass aura in spades unseen in the company in ages.
    • What's more awesome is that the outcome of the match was Brock's Evil Plan to hurt Cena and bring legitimacy not seen in years!
  • He's Back. Again! The day after Royal Rumble 2013, Lesnar interrupted Vince McMahon before he was able to fire Paul Heyman and gave an F-5 to Vince.
    • Even as heels, you have to credit how often he steps in to save Heyman. The McMahons and Hunter are more than willing to "shoot the messenger" throughout their feud (especially a venomous loudmouthed one such as Paul), and each time stop in their tracks the moment "Here Comes The Pain" blares on the Titantron.
    • His SummerSlam 2013 match against CM Punk is a very good candidate for Match of the Year. 25 minutes of back and forth, hard-hitting action that saw Lesnar come out on top, if only barely (and even then only due to various assists from Paul Heyman).
  • After taking some time off, Lesnar comes back towards the end of 2013 to attack Mark Henry. Highlights of this assault include Lesnar spearing Henry through the barricade, and then hitting him with the F-5 outside the ring. For context, Henry is 400 pounds and Lesnar picked him up like a child.
    • What makes this even more impressive is that Lesnar is fast approaching forty. This kind of strength would have been more at home when he was a genetic freak of nature in his early twenties, but evidently Lesnar ripped Father Time's arms off with the Kimura and left him lying weeping on the ground.
  • He ended the Streak. Cleanly. Say hello to the future Hall of Famer.
    • Not only that, but Undertaker was plugging Lesnar to end the Streak all the way back in 2010, and they finally got it together in 2014. When you've been given approval by the Phenom himself for that kind of opportunity, you know you're in another league.
    • As momentous an occasion as this was, ending the streak and getting approval to do so was the easy part. The hard part was finding the right opponent to do so, which Taker suggested several and they turned it down out of respect. No, the real CMOA was for the two to get past their personal differences backstage and to pull off an event that would virtually guarantee Brock's entry into the Hall of Fame as the greatest of all time.
  • The next night on Raw, his advocate Paul Heyman, while loudly and proudly singing the praises of Lesnar as usual, cuts one of the most epic (yet likely underrated) heel promos in years simply due to the nuggets of truth and the hostile atmosphere of it all. Heyman calls out the other wrestlers in the back as being "wannabes" who don't respect Lesnar (if reports about their opinion and treatment of the Rock in 2012-2013 are any indication, this may not be strictly kayfabe), throws a short but sharp note of reproach towards the international fans who flew in for the night after Mania "trying to get noticed on television", adds to the quickly growing list of ribs toward Hulk Hogan mistakenly calling the Mercedez-Bens Superdome "the Silverdome" in the previous night's opening segment, crystallizes the injuries that Undertaker suffered as a means of explicitly spelling out that Brock was his physical superior, and even points out in unmistakable detail how none of the hallowed legends and upstart hopefuls who ever had the chance or potential to end Taker's streak could boast real-life wrestling/combat credentials on par with Brock's UFC and NCAA Division-1 accolades. In that one segment, Paul E. both completely justified Lesnar to some fans as the sole man credible enough to gain the ultimate rub, and further irritated others into wanting to wring both their necks.
  • Summerslam '14: Lesnar beats Cena clean to win the WWE World Heavyweight championship. And by beat, we mean absolutely mauled him.
    • For perspective's sake: Brock could have ended the match in about five minutes, maybe even less. His first F5 was delivered in under 1. The only reason the match went on longer was because Brock wanted Cena to give up. Half of the time was just Brock and Heyman shouting for the ref to ask Cena if he wanted to quit. The other half? It was Brock delivering german suplexes like they were going out of style. 16 in total.
    • One particular really creepy (or awesome, depending on your POV) moment occurred when Cena managed to knock Lesnar down. John staggers to the corner to recover...and Brock just sits straight up and laughs at Cena. As if we needed further reminder that Lesnar is the streak breaker, now he's stealing the Deadman's moves!
    • Cena didn't just knock him down. Cena hit him with the Attitude Adjustment! Brock ate Cena's best shot and laughed at it.


  • Brock Lesnar hitting Heath Herring at UFC 87 with a single punch to the face so hard that he spun backwards!
  • Brock's fight with Shane Carwin at UFC 116. Carwin was 12-0 in the UFC by that point, with every fight lasting only one round. Lesnar was 4-1 at the time, trying to make his way back after his loss to Frank Mir in his, Lesnar's, second fight, at UFC 81. In the fight itself, Carwin pounded Lesnar to within an inch of his life. Most fighters would have been completely done for not long into the match. Referee Mario Yamazaki realized that Lesnar was still defending himself, and didn't stop the fight. And for the first time in Shane Carwin's career, the first round ended. As it turned out, Carwin had exhausted himself in the first round, while Lesnar in fact was still comparatively fresh (how, don't ask). Lesnar took Carwin down quickly in the second round and ended the fight.
  • Though he ended up losing when he made a mistake most can attribute to inexperience, Lesnar's first fight against Frank Mir counts. Admit it, nobody thought that Lesnar was gonna be anything more than a punching bag in the UFC, and Frank Mir was the defending champion of their weight division. As soon as the bell rings, cue Lesnar beating the ever-loving shit out of Mir, who was only saved when he trapped Lesnar with a knee bar. If not for that, Lesnar could've held the heavyweight title in what amounted to his first UFC fight. Think about that one for a second.
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