Funny / Brock Lesnar

  • Lesnar's screeching tires-like sound that comes from his throat has become the stuff of memetic legend:
    • His Wilhelm-esque WrestleMania 29 scream.
    • His falcon/pterodactyl/Screams Like a Little Girl-esque scream— scratch that, screech at the last Raw of 2013.
    • Related; on an episode of Raw before WrestleMania XXX, Brock called out The Undertaker. That weird sounds appears again in his inflection on the last word, making it sound like he's asking a question instead of calling him out.
      Brock Lesnar: Undertaker, I'm here. You're here. LET'S. DO. THIS!?
  • One night during SmackDown in 2004, a mariachi band showed up and started playing in the ring. Everyone is wondering where this is going...and then out comes Brock Lesnar. Dancing. In a sombrero.
  • On the August 5, 2013 episode of Raw, Renee Young sticks a microphone in the face of Brock Lesnar, who is apparently forced to come off the cuff with a response. After a few seconds of waffling, he ends his part of the promo with, "Paul... say somethin' stupid." Made even funnier by Paul actually saying something stupid - namely, that he's challenging CM Punk (whom Brock just beat just about senseless) to a match for next week's Raw.
  • During his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on John Cena, the referee gets knocked out. Lesnar revives him by picking him up, one-handed, by the belt and rolling him back into the ring. Twenty seconds later, Lesnar hits the F5... and knocks out the ref again. A second ref runs to the ring to do the three-count... and when Cena kicks out, Lesnar clotheslines THAT referee! The third ref that comes to ringside is understandably nervous at this point.
  • Following WrestleMania XXX, where he broke the Streak Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to brag about it. The funny comes in when Heyman says that Lesnar "doesn't like anyone— he barely tolerates me!" Lesnar gives a silent shake of the head in confirmation of this statement.
  • The time Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman invaded the WWE offices.
  • The official video package hyping the match against John Cena at SummerSlam 2014 ends with Brock saying he'll leave Cena in a pool of blood, and urine, and vomit. So naturally, during Lesnar's entrance at the event, cameras panned to a sign in the crowd that said the following:
  • His WrestleMania 31 match against Roman Reigns features this wonderful gem which became an instant meme:
    Brock Lesnar: Suplex City, bitch!
    • And it's now getting the hip-hop treatment, with one variant approved by Paul Heyman himself!
    • And of course, it's become an enduring catchphrase for Brock and a merchandising boon for the company, much like Austin 3:16.
  • On the June 22, 2015 episode of Raw, Brock is ordered to apologize to JBL and Michael Cole (though not to the cameraman) for the rampage that got him suspended. After shaking JBL's hand, Brock approaches Cole, who is scared out of his mind, puts him in a headlock and... noogies him.
  • Before passing out from The Undertaker's Hell's Gate at SummerSlam 2015, Brock Flips the Bird. Also count as Moment of Awesome.
  • The title card for the Fastlane 2016 main event could count, his match being against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. While Ambrose looks like his usual crazy self and Roman has a stern look of determination, Brock in the meantime has a look on his face that can only be described as abject confusion at the situation he's involved in.
  • Actor Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame once posted a Vine video on his Instagram page, saying that he was so "mad" that he was ready to "punch the first person" he saw. What has this to do with Brock Lesnar, one might ask? Well, that "first person" just so happened to end up being Lesnar himself. Wearing a cowboy hat. Stonestreet obviously made the smart (and funny) decision to move on to the second person.
  • Brock Lesnar takes over parking security for ESPN. Enjoy.
  • This promo with Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. The premise itself is funny, but what truly seals the deal is the genuine chemistry between the two and the great time they're both clearly having. From the way Brock nibbles a cracker, to Brock corpsing when Kurt spits out his milk, to Kurt's "Why I outta..." reaction to getting hit with Brock's shirt, to the (seemingly ad-libbed) short joke right's all one heck of a laugh, and certainly a Crowning Moment of Funny for both wrestlers.
  • Brock grabbing the mike to respond to Heath Slater, after the former mentions his kids. He says he's got kids too, and invites Heath into the ring to talk about it. For a minute, it seems that Slater's actually managed to tug on the Beast's heartstrings. Then Brock, very calmly, says "I don't give a shit about your kids." A trip to Suplex City soon followed.
    • Made more hilarious by Paul Heyman's reaction when Brock got the mike, which could be read as either "Oh God, Brock's going to kill this guy," or "Oh God, Brock's going to say something seriously dumb." If you've been following Lesnar's career, both are plausible scenarios.
  • Brock losing to Goldberg in 90 seconds. Yes, Brock was in a Curb-Stomp Battle where he was the one getting squashed.