Heartwarming / Brock Lesnar

  • In this interview (at about 16:00), Paul Heyman describes a meeting with Brock in which Brock give him a picture he took of their kids playing together, which solidified Brock and Paul's business and personal relationships.
  • He was also the one that asked for Heyman to be brought back to WWE.
  • In a truly twisted sense, the fact that near the end of his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, he was slapping the hell out of Reigns after the man tanked THREE of his F-5's, and both men were smiling. They were actually enjoying beating the absolute piss out of each other. Hell, it even earned Reigns some respect points from both Lesnar and Heyman the following night on Raw.
  • Also on that night, the crowd starts chanting "Suplex City" big time, after Lesnar said it last night. It actually made Lesnar break character and start laughing as well as get a HUGE smile on his face.
  • Similarly him winning against The Undertaker the previous year. It was supposed to be a major heel pop for breaking the Deadman's streak, but both he and Paul look so astonished and overjoyed they actually pulled it off you almost feel for them.
    • Real life example, the following night, Heyman proudly reveals that the Undertaker suffered a concussion so severe that Vince McMahon followed him to the hospital. For obvious purposes, he fails to mention that both he and Lesnar did the same thing.
  • Lesnar was the subject of an on-air interview with ESPN which happened to take place shortly after Daniel Bryan's retirement due to accumulated injuries. When asked his opinion of it all, Lesnar, speaking in a manner vastly different than the raging berserker he is in the ring, reflected on how he had lost count of how many concussions he himself had, and for Bryan to put aside his pride and do the right thing for himself and his family, Brock had the utmost respect for him.