Awesome: Bob Chipman

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  • This lengthy rant from near the end of his "Not Okay" episode of The Big Picture:
    " favourite variation on this theme, 'Aw, come on, man! This is like the last place where it's okay for guys to talk like this!', as though some kind of sacred tradition is being preserved by not calling bullies out on their bullying. Hey, uh...genius? Lean your ears up real close. THERE SHOULDN'T BE ANY PLACE WHERE IT'S OKAY! BECAUSE IT'S NOT OKAY! It's not okay to harass women! It's not okay to 'slut-shame'. It's not okay to hurl racist and homophobic slurs as a form of violence. It's not okay to use 'rape' as a casual synonym for 'defeat'. And it's really not okay that I should have to explain that to anybody. I do not accept that sexual harassment, misogyny, bigotry or hatred of any kind is somehow integral to the fighting game community or any other community in video games or anywhere else. But if such a community does exist, yeah, it's wrong and should be called out as such and disinfected via sunlight. Of course, this will inevitably draw responses about 'free speech' and the First Amendment from people who do not understand either of those things. Free Speech as a legal concept only guarantees you the right to speak. It doesn't guarantee you the right to be heard, it doesn't guarantee you the right to be agreed with, it certainly doesn't guarantee you the right for your speech to not be challenged by someone else's speech, and most importantly of all, it doesn't mean you can't suffer consequences if and when your free speech is being used to cause harm to someone, which is exactly what sexual harassment, racial slurs and verbal bigotry are. That's not censorship. That's fairness."
  • In his video With Great Power Chapman challenges geek culture to be better than the mainstream culture that came before it. Like it or not, fantasy, science fiction and lots of aspects of "geek" culture are now part of mainstream culture. But instead of being tolerant geeks act as prejudiced as those who bullied them in the past. Instead geeks need to be inclusive and accepting.
  • In his You Are Wrong About Spider-Man 3 video, he finds an explanation for the Saturday Night Fever scene that is actually smart. Namely that it works on the premise that Spider Man is cool because Peter Parker is comparitively uncool. On that basis, Peter Parker's attempts at being cool via the newfound confidence of the black suit are painful and disheartening...because Peter Parker keeping the black suit on is indeed a bad thing.
  • His review of Avatar opens with this rant:
    Alright, alright, hold on. We'll get to the review, but first...look, I realise we've all got feet of clay on this one, we've all had fun with the little nicknames and jokes. But now that the damn movie is out, there's something that we really need to nip in the bud as far as internet memes go right here, right now. So, hold on. Uh...ok, and...loud voice thingy is...on. Ok. Ah-heh-hem...NOTICING THAT AVATAR HAS THE SAME BASIC STORY AS DANCES WITH WOLVES DOES NOT MAKE YOU OBSERVANT! FURTHERMORE, POINTING IT OUT DOES NOT MAKE YOU CLEVER, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE JUST CRIBBING NOTES FROM SOUTH PARK! Clear enough? Alright, then. As of right now, anyone still wanking the "Dances With Smurfs" thing, who isn't themselves called Trey Parker or Matt Stone, is officially a freakin' douchebag. Ok? Guys? Cool? Can we come together on this in the spirit of the season and maybe at least get new material? Alright, then.
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