Awesome: A Very Potter Musical

A Very Potter Musical

  • Hermione's jellylegs jinx, making Draco apologize for everything he just said.
    • Telling off Ron and Draco at the Yule Ball.
  • Cedric: "Okay, have the punch!" Harry really had that coming.
  • Neville: "Expelliarmus!"
  • "I am about to betray someone, right now!"
  • Molly showing up just to do her CMOA from the books, complete with "bitch."
  • The Rousing Speech song "Voldemort is Going Down."
  • Ron, just after kissing Hermione and with the Sword of Gryffindor in hand, yelling "LET'S GO KILL VOLDEMORT!"

A Very Potter Sequel

  • The introduction to "No Way."
    Harry: For 11 years I was a little douche bag locked up under some stairs. But this year? I found out I'm a wizard, and I'm famous. I can fly and turn invisible, and I just traveled the FUCK back in time! So fuck you Draco, how's that for a happy thought?
  • Lupin's introduction saving Harry from a Death Eater. "Take that, you bastard ass!"
  • Hermione's "I Want" Song, "The Coolest Girl."
  • All of the opening scene. "It's Not Over Yet" continues the grand tradition of Villain Songs being the best. In particular the moment when he pulls out the time turner; just listen to the pop from the audience as they realize what the sequel's story is going to be.
  • Hermione whips out the jellylegs jinx again, this time on Lucius as he's stealing Harry's Firebolt.
  • Ron's poop-nose maneuver on Future!Malfoy. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Umbridge has a pretty epic moment when she high-kicks Hermione right in the face. Kick the Dog moment? Undoubtedly. Totally awesome? YES.
    Umbridge: That's bullshit Snape! You can't Disapparate inside of Hogwarts! Right?
    Dumbledore, Off-stage: Right!
    Umbridge: Right!!
  • The entire fight between Firenze and Umbridge. Especially "SILENCE!"
  • The still somewhat-drunk Snape vs. Death Eaters. "Put it on my tab! Stupefy!"
    • And then telling the kids to run while he fends them off with a chair like a lion tamer. Crazy Awesome indeed!

A Very Potter Senior Year

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