Drinking Game / A Very Potter Musical

Drinking game for A Very Potter Musical

Take a drink for every time...
  • Malfoy mentions Pigfarts.
    • Two if it's in song.
  • A male actor hits a really high note.
    • Two if it isn't Darren.
  • One for every time Ginny says "Wowee, Harry Potter!"
  • One for every time Ron has a snack when entering the screen (this includes drinks).
    • Two if he doesn't!
    • Three when it's the giant Hershey's bar!
  • One every time Red Vines are mentioned in the Sequel.
    • Chug if someone doesn't want a Redvine.
  • One every time Hermione is made fun of for being ugly.
    • A sip for being unable to draw.
  • One for every time Lupin is only in briefs.
  • One every time Tyler Bruensman's character dies.
  • One every time Cho says "y'all".
  • One every time Goyle refers to himself in third person.
  • One every time High School Musical is mentioned, and one for Twilight or The Hunger Games in Senior Year.
    • In the Sequel, make it two for High School Musical
    • For that matter, make it a straight CHUG for every single Disney reference.
  • One for every time Umbridge says "momma" or "wo-MAN" or refers to herself in third person.
  • Once every time the "did you get my text?" conversation is said.
    • Make it once every time someone gets a text from Umbridge.
  • One for every time Snape says "What the devil is going on heeeere?"
  • One for every time Umbridge puts on her psycho killer face.
  • One for every ambiguous moment between Quirrell and Voldemort.
  • One for every quote they use from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • One for every time Cedric says "find" or any variation
  • In the Senior Year, one for every time Voldemort says diary and then corrects it to journal
  • One for every time someone says "totally awesome"
  • Drink a third of what's left in the bottle for every "Chocolate frogs! Harry Potter did it, y'all!" as it's said Once an Episode.
  • One for everytime Malfoy rolls about on the ground.
  • One every time someone says "Thanks, Hermione!"
  • One whenever Goyle says something in a tone reminiscent of an angry hillbilly in a screamo band.
    • Two if he uses the word "nerd" or any of its variants.
  • For Senior Year, one for every time a previous year is mentioned.