Attention Whore: Video Games

  • Welcome to the League of DRAVEN!
  • Narshen in Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals.
    • Deconstructed with Serra in The Blazing Sword, who only acts out and demands acknowledgement... due to her loneliness and abandonment issues. Under the cheerful, loud, bitchy exterior, there's a deeply damaged and scared Broken Bird.
  • The third Ace Attorney game features a character named Luke Atmey. Even better, his theme song is titled "I Just Want Love...", and his Japanese name is Aiga Hoshiidake which translates to "I just want love".
  • The King of All Cosmos qualifies. Also, the in-game profiles for a few of the Royal Cousins label them this; mainly Ace, Dipp, Ichigo and Peso. And considering the profiles are provided by the King himself...
  • After the official tests end and you escape the scheduled incineration, GLaDOS quickly degenerates and switches between childish threats and pleading, all the way to begging for a relationship that doesn't really exist. It's implied that she's been doing this over and over while the subjects get closer and closer to actually getting to her.
  • Shadow Rise in Persona 4 is a stripper who wants everyone to look at her and is willing to "bare it all" to ensure it. She represents hidden desires within the real Rise Kujikawa, who once was an Idol Singer and stopped doing to since she feared no one would see her as anything but that.
    • Mitsuo is shown to be this, and is probably a bigger one than Rise He kills Mr. Mooroka simply to get attention, and the times he shows up in town before then all his remarks are long-winded rants about what he thinks about this and that
  • The Scout of Team Fortress 2. His particular brand of insanity is highly narcissistic. In "Meet The Scout" he cheerfully brags about himself without the slightest shred of modesty, and he has a similar attitude in every movie and comic he shows up in, apparently loving being the center of attention. At least 5 of his lines are some form of "LOOK AT ME!". It may have something to do with being the youngest of eight brothers.
    • One of his responses to being Ubercharged is, explicitly, 'Look at me!'
  • Captain Spark of Super Monday Night Combat. He perpetually narrates his own actions to draw attention to himself:
    Spark: I've destroyed their turret with my powers of- is anyone even paying attention?" [sigh] "I'm not going to narrate myself if no-one can be bothered to even listen..."
  • Flambeaux from City of Heroes - she even turns villain for the attention. It doesn't work.
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, the Guardian of Andraste's ashes accuses Leliana of this if she's in the party as part of his test of the group.
  • Mark of the Wolves has Bonne Jenet, who took up piracy out of boredom. Every facet of her existence seems designed to get her noticed. Try running with her. She waves the entire time.
  • Count Zap from Mega Man Battle Network. He wears clothes adorned with flashing lights so people can't help but see him, even in the dark.
  • Asagi of the Disgaea series is a sympathetic example. She was supposed to be the star of her own game, Makai Wars, a follow up to Makai Kingdom. When it fell into Development Hell, she was so distraught that she started showing up in other characters' games in an attempt to seize main character status for herself. By the fourth game, her desire is so great that it turns her into a Reality Warper, and after joining the party one of her quotes is admitting that the despair has made her somewhat Bi-Polar.
  • Rufus from Street Fighter IV.
  • Rather dramatically deconstructed by Sayaka Maizono from Dangan Ronpa. Her desire for attention has a rather sad background, as she was raised by a single father who also was very workaholic and left her alone all the time. Young Sayaka spent several hours on her own in front of the TV and fell in love with the Idol Singer way of life, thinking that if she became one of these she would be given the affection and love she lacked; thus she worked hard, became a part of an idol group, and was so good at it that she became the Super High School Level Idol Singer, loved and admired by everyone in Japan. Then Monobear exploited Sayaka's massive terror at the idea of being forgotten, showing her a video of what would happen if she didn't leave Hope's Peak: that her group would be disbanded and she'd be totally abandoned by her fans... which ultimately made her snap hard enough to plan killing someone and use Naegi, her ex-classmate who had a crush on her, as a scapegoat — and finished when she actually TRIED to kill someone and ended up dead for it. All because Sayaka felt that, if she lost her fans's love and support, she would be literally worth NOTHING.
  • Porky Minch from Mother 3. The guy wants to obliterate everyone on the planet because he feels they don't like him enough (and get some chuckles out of it in the process), so he invites everyone to New Pork City in order to get everyone to celebrate and worship him. During your fight with him, he even thanks you for entertaining him all this time.
  • The Spellican in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is shown to be this, especially when Riku ignores him at one point to crack a joke with Beat and Rhyme.
  • Foxy the Pirate Fox from Five Nights at Freddy's will charge toward your office and kill you if your cameras aren't on him enough.
  • Lots of powered heroes are this in Heroes Rise, taking up heroics for the glory and media attention. The player character can be this too, depending on what choices you make.