Animation: Kérem a következőt!

Kérem a következőt! (literally: "Next one, please!") is a Hungarian animated series produced by Pannonia Film Studio in 1974. Featuring a cast of Petting Zoo People (with the occasional Funny Animal), the show stars an owl medic and psychologist named Doktor Bubó. Once per Episode, Bubó attempts to stop a trouble-making animal by psychological methods, only to fail every single time and cause even bigger trouble. He usually gets help from his assistant, the flirty bear nurse Ursula (not to be confused with a different Ursula), his best friend, the falcon police officer Sólyom csőrmester, and Sólyom's sidekick, Teknőc Ernő, the dim-witted tortoise.


Alternative Title(s):

Kerem A Kovetkezot