Analysis / Magick Chicks

Faith was set up to become a Fallen Hero

-spoiler warning for vol.4 reveals-

Depite her hedonistic nature, there's no denying that the student body was in awe of her. She was their leader, the strongest esper in the academy's history. As such, she made them feel safe. In their minds, she couldn't fail. In her own mind, there was no doubt that she had earned their admiration since everyone loves a winner. Which made it inevitable that it would all be taken away from her.

But in order for it to happen, she had to be stripped of everything that made the student body look up to her. So Cerise invaded Faith's mind, exposed her hidden desire to be loved, revealed her psychic link to the school and how it had inadvertently affected her fellow students, along with all the implications that came with it - and did it in front of Faith's peers.

To redeem herself, Faith abdicated her position as head of the student council to their only hope, the girl who had sought to overthrow her: Melissa Hellrune. Then pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to ensure Melissa and Sandi could escape to save Artemis.

However, this act was unseen by the rest of the school. As far as they would know, Melissa was their new heroine to whom they owed their gratitude, for saving them. A fact which Melissa was quick point out and rub in Faith's face, now that their roles had been reversed.