Heartwarming / Magick Chicks

  • In the crossover arc, Tiffany calms Layla down from a psychic-induced bloodlust by letting her feed on her.
  • Faith regains consciousness, mere moments after Melissa has saved her and Tiffany, who covers for Melissa by giving Faith the credit. Faith admits her memory's fuzzy but, taking Tiffany at her word, asks if the hero gets a kiss. She does.
    • Adding to the heartwarming effect is, this is Faith we're talking about here! Seeing her, of all people, being so shy, is well.... I think Tiffany's expression says it for all of us.
  • Say what you will about Cerise's scheming and conniving, but when Skye puts her mortal soul at risk to save her, Cerise breaks down in tears and apologizes, for having made her cry. Skye forgives her without a second thought.
    • There's also the fact that Cerise is dying and in incredible pain but still apologizes to her.
    • Which of course leads to this heartwarming picture. Aww...
  • Faith passes the torch to Melissa as student council president. That is all.
    • Prior that, there's the parting scene between Faith and Sandi.
    Faith: "Hellrune, take Sandi. You'll need her as I've always needed her.
  • They may have been mortal enemies but learning the circumstances of Dakota and Anastasia's forced fusion and Melissa's birth makes it all the more heartwarming to see the two finally come clean about it and tell Melissa how much she means to them when they were trying to kill each other moments before.