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Awesome: Magick Chicks
  • During Faith and Melissa's fight:
    • It was so awesome that the sound affect was "BAMF."note 

  • Faith gets her own awesome moment, after being psychically assaulted by Hekate, which leaves her severely weakened. Despite her condition, she holds off a pair of possessed students with her combat skills alone to buy Tiffany time to find the wand.
    • She goes down, followed by Tiffany. Then Melissa pulls her very own Big Damn Heroes moment, when she saves them, with her newly discovered powers as a Magical Girl.
  • When Melissa faces off against Cerise, she does a Ground Pound with her first that puts the class in a Stunned Silence, and after Cerise launches her Forbidden Magick Fireball at Melissa, her Wand lets Melissa "bounce" it back to the caster. It gives Cerise her first "loss" and gives Melissa popularity of the other girls, with Tiffany close by (it should be noted Tiff was Melissa's openly biggest supporter when Rain got beat by Melissa with combat skills alone—no magick was cast at all!).
  • 6 words: Cerise...I ''really'' hope this hurts.
  • Skye walks up to Cerise with her "big girl sword" and backstabs her while revealing "she's" Rain.
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