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Trivia: Magick Chicks
  • Schedule Slip: Cassandra has been doing both Magick Chicks and Dangerously Chloe, so both strips have been late a lot, sometimes by well over a day. Some weeks you might only see one page on a random day nowhere close to the scheduled day. It was later returned to Shouri but even then it's still suffering from this.
    • Mostly because of the MÚnage Ó 3 Kickstarter that Giselle started, in which Shouri also did part of the art. Since it also dealt with Sticky Dilly Buns (Shouri also did art there too) that's sapped her time. And the old addage about "paying people take a precedence over those who don't put out cash" applies — the payors were the ones, after all, who help with the bills, rent, groceries, etc.
  • What Could Have Been: The original concept was that Cerise's hair would shift colors whenever she used magic, but the parent comic (Eerie Cuties) shifting from color to black-&-white left this in history leaving her with (fan-loved) red hair.

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