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12/08/2012 05:34:55 •••

The only tech demo game I've seen to use the console's real potential

I intially had low expectations for this game, as I saw it as a Spiritual Successor of sorts to Wii Sports and knew it was a Tech Demo Game. But after actually playing it, I was genuinely impressed. Not only with the games, but with the fact that they seemed to zero in on the Wii U's main strength: Asymmetrical Multiplayer. The Wii U gamepad allows information to be fed to one player and be hidden from the rest. Luigi's Ghost Mansion hides the ghost from everyone who isn't playing it, Sweet Day allows the guard player to make successful sneak attacks and such that would otherwise be thwarted by screenwatching... the list goes on.

Even the single-player games are very entertaining and addictive. Donkey Kong's Crash Course requires some very precise moves, Octopus Dance will pretty much push your short-term menory to its limit, and even after you think you've beaten them they hit you with an extra stage. If you think this will be easy because it's a casual game, you are dead wrong - it's called Nintendo Hard for a reason. About the only minigame I don't like is Takamaru's Ninja Castle, and even then Your Mileage May Vary.

I would say this game is more a Spiritual Successor to Super Smash Bros than anything. It's the game you bring out when you have a bunch of friends over and want everyone to have a good time. It has something for everyone - casual or hardcore - and is in my opinion the best Wii U launch title, beating out New Super Mario Bros. U and Scribblenauts Unlimited - quite a feat!

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