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12/27/2012 12:50:18 •••

I keep expecting to hate this guy...

...but I don't. On the contrary, I find him quite amazing as an actor, and am regularly impressed by how good his roles are. My brain keeps sending a "TERMINATE ON SIGHT" alert every time I see him in a movie, but that's probably a consequence of being part of the generation that killed Titanic. It's almost akin to my feelings while watching Terminator; after years of seeing all the ripoffs of Arnold/DiCaprio, there's a certain surprise in realizing the power the original had.

Why do I like him versus other heartthrobs? Because he puts real emotion in his acting. Other male leads just paste a cocky smile on their loathsomely handsome faces, and expect that to carry the entire performance. DiCaprio doesn't do that. When he speaks, he speaks his words with meaning. He can mean it when he loves the girl, or when he's angry or resentful. Because he makes himself believable, I don't end loathing the guy as he "seduces" the girl. On the contrary, I end up finding his charm too, and am willing to root for him as he advances. THAT'S the important part, that he gets not only my admiration, but my sympathy.

So save your "raeges" for Justin Bieber, my boys, you won't be disappointed by Leo.

(Except for Shakespeare. He can't do Shakespeare.)

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