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09/20/2011 19:46:29 •••


When I started reading the fanfic, I said to myself "this fic was written to be great!" and, as I write, has five chapters and none of them is anything but good to excellent.

First, the research made to build the setting is astonishing; after the Second Impact, the world is unrecognizable, but you still have the feeling that the world is the beginning of the 20th century, and how the Second Impact changed the society, politics, economy (they allowed women in the military, remember it's 1915).

Shinji is much more competent, being raised in a military school, he wangsts (is that a verb?) much less and it's more mature than his canonical counterpart, but, otherwise, retains the same characteristics.

So far the author has suceed where Anno failed: Rei is creepy, and her relation with Gendo is slightly different, he seems to don't know what to do when she starts to make pieces of dead Angel fly around her.

But one of the reason that attract readers is how to fight Angels with Edwardian-era weaponry? The answer: it works! If the anime could be considered Crazy Awesome, this fic has to turn it Up To Eleven! Every battle is more Crazy Awesome than the last one!

So far, the only down points are grammar (it's the reviewers who pointed it) and that Misato was Demoted To Extra, big time, but this shouldn't be reason to ignore this fic. Strong recommended!

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