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06/24/2019 04:22:34 •••

Slow but promising, but tries to hard to be the next Gravity Falls

Another Disney shows that tries to follow the footsteps of Cult Classic Gravity Falls, but this time more directly.

It's an Another World/Isekai story revolving around a human girl named Anne trapped in a different dimension where intelligent Amphibians are the dominant(?) Race. There she befriends a frog family composed of a cranky old frog named Hop Pop and his two grandchildren (I think): the naive and adventurous Sprig, and the cynical and aggressive Polly, who is a baby. While in Amphibia, Anne learns about the culture of the frogs and how to survive the dangerous wildlife which is mostly composed of giant insects.

The mystery hook is that Anne's two emotionally abusive humans friends where also transported to Amphibia and one of them is a prisoner of the yet-unrevealed Big Bad of the season.

The Opening and its theme song screams Gravity Falls with an opening that shows mystery, adventure and funny antics but with a more epic feel.

I recommend waiting until season one is close to finishing or when it finishes as the show is still stuck on more simple adventure-of-the-day episodes and that may bore some potential viewers but I predict that the series will become serialized once season two starts.

06/24/2019 00:00:00

Honestly, as I watch the episodes, I get a stronger Big City Greens vibe than Gravity Falls. Not that there aren\'t elements of the latter in the other two, but the four person family really seemed like the Greens. Yes, there is a hint of a mystery and a greater story developing, but I don\'t know if it\'s going to go that route kind of like Star Versus The Forces Of Evil or just say Adventure of the Week.

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