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Born: August 14, 199X.

City of Birth: San Salvador City.

Hobbies: Videogames, fixing typos and grammar.

Troper since: 2015.

Currently living in: San Miguel city.

Political Stance: Socially conservative, Economically socialist, support Homosexual rights and free Third-World Immigration to the First World, support Gun Control and free-healthcare.

Religion: Agnostic with some Jehovah Witnesses' beliefs.

Dislikes: People that constantly push their ships and/or fanon, elitists, anarcho-socialists that constantly complain about media, Critical Race & Gender Theory and those who push them, Right-Wing partisans, people that demand that everybody should use non-gendered pronouns, people that use the term Latinx, Virtue Signalers, the American Republican Party, Bill Clinton, Intersectional Allies, anti-vaxxers and Climate Change deniers.


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