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04/10/2018 20:34:12 •••

Bliss: The Series

The Gravity Rush series is not only a work of art, but also proof that a video game can be therapeutic.

Kat is (a) relatable, (b) someone you can look up to, (c) completely adorable. I fell in love with her (platonically! PLATONICALLY!!!) after joining her adventure for only a few hours. Through a myriad of faceplants, wacky misadventures and attempts to save the world, she wound her way into my heart and is now one of my all-time favourite characters.

The world of Hekseville (and Jirga Para Lhao in the sequel) is something I can't help but marvel at. I'm impressed that something this massive and ornate could fit on the Vita. It's a Wide Open Sandbox you actually want to explore, if only so you can toss innocent bystanders off the nearest ledge. That never gets old. The art style is such that the cel-shading actually resembles a comic book, something which is harder to pull off than it sounds (most cel-shading I've seen just adds some thick lines to the art assets). And it's a genuinely pleasant place — this isn't a Crapsack World, but rather a World Half Full — it has its issues, but is something worth preserving.

Gravity Rush is a series that puts me in a good mood every time I play it. The sights and sounds of the world, the character of Kat, and the genuinely fun gameplay all blend together to create one of the most uplifting experiences you will ever have.

04/10/2018 00:00:00

Really great review. I played both this and the sequel, and it\'s one of my favorite games of all-time. It\'s a shame that the series doesn\'t get much recognition like big PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted and Last of Us,

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