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02/13/2018 07:28:16 •••

Universe 6 Saga Review

When I reviewed the Resurrection F Saga, one of the people who commented on it told me to watch the Universe 6 Saga because it really got interesting. Of course, Lazy Bum that I am, I never got around to it. But now that the anime has entered the Universe Survival Saga, I figured I should watch this first to better familiarize myself with the characters. Honestly, I wished I had watched it sooner. It really does get interesting.


  • The Universe 6 team boasts a colorful cast of characters with unique abilities and fighting styles. Cabba, Auta Magetta, and Hit are my personal favorites.
  • The fights are as epic as ever, but what I like the most is that they focus more on strategy rather than strength (Goku throwing Botamo out of the ring when brute force doesn't work, Piccolo letting Frost shoot him in the leg to distract him, Goku learning to counter Hit's Time-Skip).
    • On the subject of fights, the fight with Vegeta and Cabba is right below the final battle with Hit as the best fight in the Saga. Not just because it's awesome, but because of how it demonstrates Vegeta's Character Development. Watching him act as a Stealth Mentor and borderline surrogate father to Cabba as he teaches him to go Super Sayian is simultaneously heartwarming and badass. The fact that he even tells Cabba to be stronger than him, something pre-Character Development Vegeta would never say, really shows how far he's come since his debut. Hard to believe this is the same man who once sold his soul to an evil wizard for the strength to beat Goku.
    • Likewise, the fight between Goku and Hit is truly a satisfying end to the saga.
  • The return of classic techniques such as the Kaio-Ken, Galick Gun, and Final Flash can make a Dragon Ball fan weep with nostalgic pride.
  • The debut of Super Shenron and the beautiful animation accompanying it is truly a sight to behold.
  • Beerus using the Super Dragon Balls to restore Universe 6's Earth and its population is surprisingly heartwarming.


  • Champa is incredibly annoying and tends to suck the fun out of some of the fights.
  • The fact that Frost is a villain seems like such a waste of a character. A genuinely heroic counterpart to Frieza would've opened the door for so many potential plots, but no, every member of Frieza's race has to be a complete sociopath. Though given that he and Frieza both will play a role in the Universe Survival Saga, I have a feeling my opinion of him may end up changing.
  • The fact that Cabba never interacts with Goten or Trunks is rather disappointing. Would've been fun to see some interaction between them.

Conclusion: The Universe 6 Saga is a truly awesome saga that provides quite a few Call Backs to the original series while wowing fans with awesome fight scenes and memorable characters. Now let's see if the Universe Survival Saga can top this.

02/13/2018 00:00:00

I don\'t know how exactly how Cabba and Trunks could interact with. It would be interesting, and possibly the baseball episode a few sagas later would have done better use of it, but Cabba only interacts with his shishio during the arc. Honestly, I would have preferred Cabba and his teammates to have a more clear relationship, and they all look like they just met for this event. Just a minor thing.

The idea of Frost being evil was possibly written to have Vegeta\'s punch against him being really effective. The manga version just has Frost being a cheater. It sucks, but Vegeta just taking his grudge on the guy seems overly harsh. The fact the arc itself as no real antagonist is possibly another reason: someone to root against.

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